Community Resilience

Community Resilience encompasses the entirety of all aspects that make up a community. It is complex and complicated, and each community is different. The categories of a community are often described as the triple bottom line: social, environment, and economy. Built infrastructure, such as homes, roads, bridges, flood damage reduction structures, are considered elements of the environment that comprise the community. The built environment is an important component of the community and can contribute to - or deter from – the resilience of the community. With this month’s Building Safety Month, the Corps is sharing community resilience resources and building resilience resources to help increase the built environment’s contribution to resilience.

The Corps supports community resilience through delivery of resilient projects – flood damage reduction projects, engineering and construction services for much of the Army, Air Force and civilian agencies, and temporary housing in support of FEMA’s efforts after disasters. The Corps is also at the table with communities and their stakeholders to help support communities as they determine their risks and resilience needs. The Corps lends its skills and capabilities through its diverse mission sets to help meet community priorities.

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