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USACE Campaign Plan Overview

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is marching forward with a new Campaign Plan to transform the way we do business. 

These are historic times in our Nation and in the world, and the Corps will play a pivotal role in helping shape America’s future.

The Corps will grow stronger and become a great organization by delivering superior performance, setting the standard for our profession, making a positive impact on the Nation and other nations, and building to last, as evidenced by the strength of our team — educated, trained, experienced, and certified professionals.

We will deliver superior performance every time through disciplined people, thought, and action. We will use the Campaign Plan to establish our priorities, focus our transformation initiatives, measure and guide our progress, and adapt to the needs of the future.

Our intent is for the Corps to be one disciplined team — in thought, word, and action — and to meet our commitments by saying what we will do, and doing what we say.