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Military Munitions Support Services

During July 2011, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employees participate in hands-on MetalMapper training at the former Fort Ord military base in the Monterey Bay area of California. The device provides a new classification technology for sub-surface anomalies on Formerly Used Defense Sites, and is expected to help technicians better distinguish between unexploded ordnance and other metals beneath the soil.  This training focused on how to get the device up and running to acquire data. (Courtesy photo)

Military Munitions Support Services or M2S2 encompasses the full spectrum of work performed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to address unexploded ordnance, discarded military munitions, munitions constituents, and chemical warfare material during military munitions response, operational range sustainment, and construction support activities. Through the M2S2 Community of Practice, the Corps of Engineers sustains a specialized, highly qualified and experienced workforce ready to address military munitions in the environment. M2S2 is not a separate program, but instead serves to focus management, technical, and support elements on the unique aspects of addressing military munitions across many different programs and project activities. Safety is the top priority in all M2S2 activities the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers executes.