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The Office of History publishes short articles on activities and episodes from the Corps' past. On the left-side navigation bar, you will find archived vignettes organized by category. Please check back for new material.

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50 Years Since Vietnam
75 Years Since the Invasion of Europe in World War II
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A soldier from the 8th Engineer Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division, prepares to enter a tunnel while an armed soldier keeps guard.
Typical working conditions at Black Horse [Camp Blackhorse, near Xuan Loc, Vietnam]. 27 March 1968.
Monument to the 5th Engineer Special Brigade with Omaha Beach in the background. Several engineer units erected monuments on Normandy beaches.
Sunken craft and debris in the port at Leghorn, Italy. 1944.
Lt. Tom Cullen - 311 Engr [left]. Lt. Frank Astig - U.S. Marines [right]. Yours Truly [Capt. John E. Hayden, 311 Engrs] [center]. In the yard of the Hotel Petrograd, Nice [France]. 1919.
Sacramento District, Staff. Group of staff at Service Awards ceremony, 1943.