Inland Marine Transportation System

The Navigation Mission of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is to provide safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally sustainable waterborne transportation systems for the movement of commercial goods, for national security needs, and for recreation. This Inland Marine Transportation System (IMTS) is a critical component in this Nation’s ability to remain competitive in the global economy.

IMTS reliability is the most important requirement that enables American business and industry to competitively participate in global trade.

An IMTS Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as the Board) will oversee the implementation effort of the recommendations contained in this report.  The Board is empowered to establish and implement USACE-wide Navigation policies and strategies.  The Board will be assisted by an IMTS Working Group.  IMTS Management Teams at the Division levels will assist in implementing the improvements across Districts (regions) and Divisions (Navigation Systems).  The Board is a change agent for incorporating the system-wide management of resource prioritization.  District Commanders have a responsibility for mission execution within their districts, leveraging regional resources.  The Navigation System will continue to operate at its current capacity as the improvements are implemented.  Waterway users, the public, and employees will be able to track implementation progress through the IMTS website.

The Working Group is the executive agent of the Board and is comprised of staff from Divisions with a Navigation mission.  The Working Group reports directly to the Board.

The Working Group will include Navigation subject matter experts that represent each of the Division Commanders and the Navigation Business Line Manager.  In addition, a representative of the North Atlantic Division (NAD) will serve on the Working Group.  To give the appropriate cross-section of skills on the working group, there will be an at large member from each of the five Navigation divisions; the nomination of these members will be coordinated to ensure an adequate and appropriate cross-section of operation skills and experience.  It is imperative that At-large members shall represent all aspects of the O&M community (for example, lock masters, repair center managers, operations project managers, etc). Composition of the Working Group will include:

  • SAD Representative + At-large member
  • LRD Representative + At-large member
  • MVD Representative + At-large member
  • NWD Representative + At-large member
  • SWD Representative + At-large member
  • Navigation Business Line Manager, HQUSACE
  • NAD Representative.