Emergency Operations


Temporary Housing and Critical Public Facilities

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers provides a wide range of Temporary Housing/Critical Public Facilities (CPF) assistance in coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to fill the Temporary Housing/CPF needs of the victims of disasters. One type of assistance is Technical Assistance to FEMA through the review of plans and specifications of Temporary Housing Unit (THU) sites and coordination of environmental compliance. The Corps has extensive experience in cooperation with FEMA to provide plans, specifications, and construction management activities associated with the provision of Emergency Temporary Housing/CPF.


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 Temporary Housing
  1. Provide rental and partial home repair assistance.
  2. FEMA may consider increasing limits on individual assistance (home repair limits, rental limits, self-help Temporary Housing Units (THU) on private sites).
  3. As a last resort, community group site development utilizing Temporary Housing Units (THUs) may be considered:
    1. Depending on capabilities, the State may procure, transport, and set up units.
    2. In some cases, the Federal Government may take the lead (with State/Local cooperation).

Options for Temporary Housing:

  1. Temporary Community Group Sites
  2. Replacement/rehabilitation of existing commercial parks
  3. Installation of THUs at private home sites
  4. Development of new Community Group Sites

State, County, Township and City assistance with:

  1. Site identification
  2. Leasing and right-of-ways
  3. Compliance with codes/permits
  4. Community Group Site management
  5. Deactivation/site restoration
 Critical Public Facilities
  1. Provide office space for affected State and Local governments.
  2. Provide classroom space for affected public school districts.
  3. Provide space for any governmental function approved by FEMA.
  4. Local Governments may choose to do all or a portion of the work under FEMA’s Public Assistance Project Worksheets.

FEMA funds CPF mission with Public Assistance (PA) funds

Options for Critical Public Facilities (CPF)

  1. Temporary office/classroom complex
  2. Rehabilitation of existing office/classroom space
  3. Modular units for office/classroom space
  4. Manufactured housing units for fire stations or mental care facilities
  5. Specialty units for specific needs such as hospitals or kitchens
  6. Interior rooms/offices inside a warehouse
  7. Large inflatable units for use as gymnasium and other needs
  8. Metal pole buildings for fire stations.

Minimum state requirements:

  1. Site identification
  2. Leasing and right-of-ways
  3. Assistance with codes/permits
  4. Site management
  5. Deactivation restoration

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