Supplemental Program

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works Directorate has received supplemental appropriation to the agency's regular appropriations. The supplemental funding is used to help with disaster recovery and investment in America's critical infrastructure. The information on this page highlights the supplemental appropriations from 2018 to present.

This project will safeguard 235,000 people, prevent $238B in average annual flood damages, protect $19B in property value, protect the local economy which generates $5.48B in annual non-farming wages and over $3.51B in annual taxable sales, provide $1.9B in public benefits and improve the nation’s resiliency.
Description: This project is vital to increasing clean energy capabilities for the nation. A deeper, more efficient channel supports the State of Texas and our national strategy for clean energy. This project supports wind-based and other green energy expansion in Texas and across the nation by increasing imports of key materials, parts and equipment. Learn more (link to): Galveston District > Business With Us > Project Management Office > Brazos Island Harbor Channel Improvement Project (
The Caño Martin Peña restoration project is critical for the revitalization of eight impoverished communities of over 20,000 habitants settled along the Martín Peña tidal channel, and restoration of this system will significantly improve human health and safety in the area by reducing residents’ frequent contact with highly polluted floodwaters. The CMP project is located in underserved, rural areas of Puerto Rico. This project falls inline with the President’s Justice 40 initiative. Learn more (link to): USACE signs Project Partnership Agreement for Caño Martín Peña Ecosystem Restoration Project in San Juan, Puerto Rico > Jacksonville District > Jacksonville District News Stories (