Partnering with Us

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Command Philosophy

USACE success depends on developing and maintaining partnerships with its stakeholders.It is important that we recognize the value that a diverse set of people, groups, and organizations can bring to mission delivery and actively seek out and invest in enduring partnerships across the mission delivery life cycle.

Sound partnerships require proactive engagement at all echelons of the organization and the embracement of a partnering mindset which embodies a set of behaviors rooted in three interdependent and mutually supportive elements: Commitment, Communication, and Collaboration.




  • Put mission first
  • Invested and actively engaged
  • Establishes relationships based on trust, transparency, accountability and mutual respect
  • Embraces innovation and accepts measured risk



  • Promotes clear, open, consistent, and timely communication
  • Fosters shared understanding
  • Solicits input to continuously learn, adapt, and improve
  • Resolves conflicts constructively and expeditiously



  • Builds and sustains strong, diverse teams
  • Works together to solve problems that achieves common goals and mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Routinely manages risk, relationships and performance
  • Collectively sets documents expectations