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Committed to working together with partners to accomplish the mission and build enduring relationships through trust, transparency, and shared values.

- Lt. Gen. Scott Spellmon



Command Philosophy

USACE success depends on developing and maintaining partnerships with its stakeholders. It is important that we recognize the value that a diverse set of people, groups, and organizations can bring to mission delivery and actively seek out and invest in enduring partnerships across the mission delivery life cycle.

Sound partnerships require proactive engagement at all echelons of the organization and the embracement of a partnering mindset which embodies a set of behaviors rooted in three interdependent and mutually supportive elements: Commitment, Communication, and Collaboration.

3C's of Partnering: Collaboration, Communication, Commitment

Benefits of Partnering

To maximize the benefits, partnering must be continually promoted and embraced to ensure a partnering culture remains ingrained within USACE at every echelon and practiced consistently and effectively across the entire construction project life cycle. Example benefits from well-executed partnering include the following:*

10% reduction in total project cost

20% reduction in project duration

83% reduction in lost-time accidents

50% reduction in rework

80% reduction in claims

30% improvement in job satisfaction

$60 saved per $1 spent on partnering

*California Department of Transportation, Excellence in Partnering (2020 to 2021).


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