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Activity Hazard Analysis

Contractor: Required Activity Hazard Analyses are addressed in EM 385-1-1, paragraph 01.A.14 for each work activity involving a type of work presenting hazards not experienced in previous project operations or where a new workcrew or sub-contractor is to perform the work. Competent and Qualified Personnel are to be specifically identified.

USACE: Required Activity Hazard Analyses are addressed in EM 385-1-1, paragraph 01.A.15 for each USACE activity as warranted by the hazards associated with the activity. Generally, this is for all field operations and for some office/administrative/other operations.  Competent and Qualified Personnel are to be specifically identified.

These documents are intended to be created and used in the field, where the involved workers are located.  They are NOT intended to be corporate documents, nor just submittals.  Ideally, the workers involved with the activity should develop the AHA(s), as they normally have the technical expertise to know the process and the hazards involved.  It should be used as a training tool for all members involved in the activity, and reviewed before work begins. 

Sample forms:
AHA Form 1
AHA Form 2 
AHA Form 3