Reserve Affairs

The Office of the Deputy Commanding General Reserve Affairs is the USACE proponent for policies, procedures, and command guidance on issues concerning Reserve and National Guard Engineer resources in support of the US Army Corps of Engineers to include Individual Mobilization Augmentee, Drilling IMA, Troop Program Unit, and Individual Ready Reserve force management.

This office acts as the liaison office between the HQ USACE, the Chief, Army Reserve, the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management Army Reserve Division, the U.S. Army Reserve Command, and the U.S. Army Reserve Human Resources Command, Fort Knox, KY.

The Reserve Affairs office also manages the Reserve Support to Disaster Relief Operations Program. This program supports and augments the Corps of Engineers disaster relief operations with ready trained Reserve Component Soldiers.

All request for Annual Training, Active Duty for Training, Active Duty Operational Support, Contingency Operations, Presidential Select Reserve Call Up, to support the many contingency operations worldwide are processed and coordinated through this office in conjunction with the Reserve Components Mobilization Team.


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- Instructions for Reserve personnel outprocessing at Transition Centers and procedures on being Released From Active Duty.

All Army Reserve Soldiers will outprocess through the same installation/personnel office that they in-processed through. 

Outprocessing normally takes two days.  Soldiers are authorized to take terminal leave (if applicable) or cash in leave at the end of their tour.

All Army Reserve Soldiers are required to fax the following documents to the Transition Point where where they inprocessed at and to the Reserve Component Mobilization Team (202-761-0070) two weeks prior to demobilization:

All Army Reserve Soldiers are eligible to receive authorized awards in support of contingency operations.

The overall objective of the USACE Individual Mobilized Augmentee (IMA) Program is to facilitate the rapid expansion of the Active Army wartime structure of the Department of Defense (DoD), and/or other departments or agencies of the U.S. Government to meet military manpower requirements in the event of military contingency, pre-mobilization, sustainment and/or demobilization operations.

Reserve soldiers can be assigned to one of the Corps' nine Divisions or one of the forty-four Districts or Centers located all over the world.

Soldiers interested in becoming an Individual Mobilized Augmentee with the Corps of Engineers can contact the Headquarters IMA Coordinator at (202) 761-8963 or email Reserve Component Inbox.

Send copies of biographical summary, biography, ORB, (ERB), and last three evaluations (if applicable).  Assignment to the Corps' IMA Program also requires a DA Form 4651-R. 

Soldiers interested in all aspects of the IMA program should email the HQUSACE IMA Coordinator.

Soldiers interested in supporting current contingency operations should email the Reserve Component Mobilization Team for current ADOS opportunities supporting USACE worldwide.

Soldiers interested it the RESDRO program should email the RESDRO Coordinator for information on volunteering for future missions.

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