USACE Reserve Broadening Program

What is the USACE RC-BP?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Reserve Components Broadening Program (USACE RC-BP) assigns Army Reserve and National Guard Officers, Warrant Officers, & NCOs to full-time positions for 1-3 years in support of USACE projects.​

Program Objectives

Provide a broadening opportunity for RC leaders to develop skills in technical engineering, project management, and contracting.​

  • Enable USACE to deliver an unprecedented Civil Works program by providing surge manpower to support a growing $84B program.​
  • Strengthen the Engineer Regiment through enhance connection between the Reserve Components and USACE.

What are the details?

Who: Volunteers from the National Guard and Army Reserve (TPU, IMA, IRR) in priority MOSs or with critical civilian skillsets.

  • Project Managers/ Engineers
  • Contracting
  • Transportation Management
  • Logisticians
  • Construction Control (QA/ QC)
  • Professional Engineers
  • Operations
  • Program Managers
  • Emergency Management

What: Serve 12-36 months on ADOS orders in critical positions within USACE Districts to fill manpower shortages and fill surge requirements.

When: Candidates are slotted for a specific position and location on a rolling basis based on USACE project requirements.​

Where: USACE consists of 9 Divisions and 34 Districts with project locations varying in proximity to district offices. Opportunities stem from Civil Works projects that are driven from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). 

Map Showing the location of USACE Division and Districts around the world Why: Unique opportunity to contribute to a once-in-a-generation national infrastructure program, further develop the RC leader skills, and for the long-term development of the Reserve Component, USACE and the Engineer Regiment, further develop the RC leader skills, and for the long-term development of the Reserve Component, USACE and the Engineer Regiment.


Engineer Credentialing Program

United States Army Engineer School (USAES) Credentialing, Education, Certification, and Licensing (CECL)

The USAES CECL Program provides Engineers the opportunity to obtain applicable, high-quality credentials by validating their individual Soldier skills, training, and work experiences. Credentialing improves military-technical competence, thereby improving Army readiness, while enhancing a Soldier’s ability to secure meaningful employment upon transitioning from military service.

The USAES CECL currently provides no-cost enrollment into one credentialing program, free enrollment for three licensing prep programs (FE, PE, ARE), and reimbursement for over 100 civilian credentialing programs and licenses, including study materials, memberships required to obtain and maintain credentials, and renewal fees. Each Soldier is limited to $800/FY unless otherwise noted on the Regimental Approved Credentialing Memorandum.

Program Eligibility

  1. Must be an Engineer (Enlisted, Officer, or Warrant Officer).
  2. Minimum of 12 months of service remaining after earning certification, license, or credential.
  3. Read the Credentialing MFR and complete and sign the CECL Enrollment form, to include the signature of the first O5/LTC within your Chain of Command.
  4. Required to meet the prerequisite for the certification, license, or credential that you are pursuing.
  5. Need be able to complete the certification, license, credential in the allotted time prescribe for that certification, license, or credential.

Skill Identifiers

  • W1—Facilities Planner
  • W2—Geospatial Engineer Officer
  • W3—Professional Engineer
  • W4—Degreed Engineer
  • W5—Project Management Professional
  • W6—Project Engineer
  • W7—Environmental Officer
  • W8—Facility Engineer

Engineer MOS Approved Credentials, Certifications, and Licenses (CAC Enabled Site)

Army Acquisition Center of Excellence (AACoE)

The U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) is responsible for providing oversight of the strong Army Acquisition Workforce that supports the program executive offices in the areas of human resources, resource management (manpower and budget), program structure, and acquisition information management.

Back to the Basics

Back-to-Basics for the Defense Acquisition Workforce was implemented in February 2022 to improve the Defense acquisition workforce’s agility by streamlining the functional area framework and prioritizing limited training resources.

Functional Areas

  • Program Management
  • Engineering & Technical Management
  • Life Cycle Logistics
  • Business Financial Management & Cost Estimating
  • Contracting
  • Test & Evaluation


Contact Us


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers HQ
441 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20314-1000

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • How Do I Apply? Positions are posted on Tour of Duty on a rolling basis (​
  • Can I PCS with my family for this program? Yes, positions are generally accompanied with full PCS entitlements (some limited exceptions)​
  • Do I continue to drill with my unit? Your unit will be required to “release” you for the duration of the assignment per existing Army policies (AR 135-200). USACE will support maintaining Soldier readiness requirements.​
  • How does this fit with my Reserve Career? This program is intended as broadening for RC leaders. To maintain career progression, assignment must be coordinated with key developmental assignment and PME. 

What is the Water Resources Development Act?

The Water Resources Development Act is a comprehensive legislative package that provides for the conversation and development of water and related resources. It authorizes the Secretary of the Army, through the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, to conduct studies, construct projects and research activities that can lead to the improvement of rivers and harbors of the United States.

How does WRDA apply?

Prior to the amendment being signed in December of 2022, WRDA only authorized the use of Civil Works funding for Army Officers. Changes to WRDA now allow Civil Works funding for Officers, Warrant Officers, and Non-Commissioned Officers. In addition, COMPO 2 and 3 units can now perform duty on a Civil Works project.