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CEHO Poster

CEHO is proud to announce the release of our new USACE History poster. This glossy 36" x 24" poster features 105 images of Corps employees, projects, and artifacts from the Revolutionary War to the present. Visit our interactive poster exhibit today by clicking the image above. Download a PDF to save and print or access the poster design template (InDesign format) to customize your own poster in this style.

Historical Content


Armistice Day

Nov. 11, 1918 Armistice Day - Veterans Day Nov. 11, 2018
Read about an Army Engineer who was there.

Nuclear Power

Army Nuclear Power Program. See the on-line version of an exhibit on the history of the Army Engineers and the Army's nuclear power program, 1954-1976.

Remembering Vietnam

Fifty Years Since Vietnam: See a brief exhibit on Army Engineers in Vietnam with a link
to a large photographic collection of engineer activities during the conflict in Southeast Asia.

Army Engineers in the District of Columbia

Army Engineers have a long record of involvement in Washington, D.C., from the city’s founding through today. The Office of History invites you to explore that history through three online resources.

  • Browse it. Take a look at CEHO’s illustrated brief history of Engineer activities in the nation’s capital. View the brochure online or download it to read later.
  • Map it. Check out an interactive map that locates select Engineer projects in the District of Columbia and nearby, with accompanying photos and brief descriptions.
  • Read it. Go deeper and read the book-length illustrated manuscript prepared for CEHO by author Pam Scott. Or download the file and read it at your own pace.

Or look back at past D.C.-related articles on: the American Red Cross buildings; the amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery; Kennedy's eternal flame; the cherry trees and tidal basin; and the White House.

Army Engineers in the American Civil War

Mission of the Office of History

Office of History SealThe mission of the Office of History is to collect, document, interpret, disseminate, and preserve the history and heritage of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We are a separate office of the Headquarters and are located at the Humphreys Engineer Center on Telegraph Road in Alexandria, Virginia. Our office maintains research collections and a historical holding of several thousand artifacts.