Indefinite-Delivery contracts

USACE anticipates procurement and award of two (2) Indefinite-Delivery contracts for the Puerto Rico Power System Stabilization Project. Based on the anticipated scopes for each procurement provided below, please fill out and submit the form that best aligns with your company’s capabilities. The responses requested in the surveys enable USACE to assess industry capabilities to satisfy each requirement and obtain additional relevant information to assist in the development of an acquisition strategy and plan.

System Stabilization Power Generation Services

The contract is to provide temporary power generation for stabilization of the Power System of Puerto Rico. The work will consist of providing land based temporary generating units (dual fuel – LNG/diesel), temporary transformers, control cabling, and installation of equipment. In addition, the work will contain operation of the equipment, including maintenance, fuel, coordination with Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) and LUMA Energy on operation schedule and connections to their equipment. Individual scopes will be to provide specific amount of power at specified power plants that will supplement power to stabilize the power system while PREPA installs new permanent generators. Please fill out this additional information if interested in this scope.


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Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Repairs Services

Contracts for the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) include the procurement and installation of transformers, breakers, switches, relays, control cables, and duct banks for underground routing of cabling associated with the operation of equipment listed. The procurement and installation provide redundancy and resiliency to stabilize the T&D of the Puerto Power System and allows movement of energy throughout the system, including moving energy from the south side of Puerto Rico to the more populous northeastern region. Please fill out this additional information if interested in this scope.
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