Project Planning

Planning plays a vital role in supporting the Corps of Engineers Civil Works water resources development mission. Planning is a structured, rational approach to solving problems. It is also a creative process requiring experience, analysis, intuition and inspiration. Planners help decision-makers identify water resources problems, conceive solutions to them and compare the importance of the inevitable conflicting values inherent in any solution. In accord with ER 25-1-8, following are the functional tasks: 

  • Oversee and develop the Civil Works planning mission.
  • Develop and maintain policy doctrine.
  • Promote a capable workforce.
  • Build and maintain external relationships and coalitions.
  • Promote PCoP communication.
  • Enhance the learning organization.

Members of the planning team are professionals in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with expertise in water resources planning, including plan formulation, environmental evaluation, cultural resources evaluation, Civil Works Policy, and public involvement. Planning knowledge and skill is used to solve problems and inform decision making across Civil Works business lines and through the project development and implementation process.

For more information pertaining to policy, guidance, processes, and tools that are used every day in planning, please visit our Planning Toolbox.