US Army Corps of Engineers

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- “[Our] research will explore solutions to transportation challenges that we all face, whether it is global deployment of military forces, delivery of critical resources to the right place at the right time, transportation options for families and veterans to access medical care, or solving the ‘last mile’ challenges that will integrate the full community into our transportation system with all of its opportunities.”
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District is teaming up with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and other federal partners to learn more about how complex chemical contaminants behave in the environment to help inform future cleanup efforts.
This edition of The Corps Environment (May 2019) highlights Environmental Operating Principle #2, Proactively considering environmental consequences and acting accordingly. It features articles from the Hon. Alex A. Beehler, assistant Secretary of the Army, Installations, Energy and Environment; the State of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Program; Earth Day articles; Camp Blanding setting the standard for natural resource conservation; wild burros and horses at Yuma Proving Ground; the Huntsville Center's range cleanup operations in Afghanistan; and more....


Norfolk District begins James River dredging
NORFOLK, Va. – James River Federal Navigation Project engineers are ramping up efforts to minimize shoaling effects and improve safe navigation along Central Virginia’s winding watershed. Norfolk...
A facility for a dynamic future — Army Corps delivers high-tech space for intelligence command
7/22/2019 UPDATED
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, is putting the finishing touches on a state-of-the-art 381,000-square-foot Secure Administrative/Operations Facility (SAOF) on Fort Belvoir that...
Corps to accept public comments until Sept. 12 on mining near Okefenokee
Twin Pines Minerals is proposing to construct and operate a sand derived heavy minerals mine in Charlton County, Georgia, and the Corps is accepting public comments until Sept. 12.The Savannah...
Celebrating Apollo 11: Remembering ERDC’s role in space
VICKSBURG, Miss. (July 20, 2019) – Fifty years ago, when Neil Armstrong took those first historic footsteps on the surface of the moon, one of the major tasks of his mission was to gather lunar soil...