USACE Finance Center

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Finance Center (UFC) mission is to provide responsive, professional operational finance & accounting day-to-day support for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) worldwide. This includes the full range of customer services, payments, disbursing, accounting, and financial reporting for Civil Works and Military Programs appropriated funds, and Revolving & Trust funds. The UFC is responsible for performing research, analysis, and development, installation and systems maintenance for the Corps of Engineers Financial Management System (CEFMS) and the Corps of Engineers Enterprise Management Information System (CEEMIS). The UFC has the principal responsibility for setting the strategic direction and providing overall operating finance and accounting functions of the USACE. The UFC accomplishes this mission with a dedicated, professional staff of accountants, accounting technicians, information management personnel, and various other support personnel.

We are always aware of and concerned about the costs of our operation coupled with our desire to maintain a highly motivated staff, achieve the Commander’s vision, and continually improve our business processes and financial systems. We search for ways to reduce costs by identifying and eliminating duplicative processes, taking advantage of leading technology, encouraging e-commerce, and improving our business processes through aggressive management reviews.

Additional Information

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5722 Integrity Drive
Millington, Tennessee 38054-5005
 Directions to the Finance Center

Directions to UFC/LAC from rental car lots:

  • When leaving the rental agency you will turn right onto Rental Road (this is a one-way street).
  • When you come to the stop sign turn left to Democrat Rd.
  • At the traffic light on Democrat Rd turn right and go about 1/4 mile.
  • Take the I-240 entrance to the right.
  • At the I-240 East/West split take I-240 East (right lane).
  • You will stay on the interstate until you come to the Millington Hwy 51 exit. The name of the interstate changes from I-240 East to I-40 West, just continue straight and stay on I-40 West until you come to the Millington Hwy 51 exit.
  • Take the Millington Hwy 51 exit North or to the right.
  • You will drive north on Hwy 51 for about 12-15 miles.
  • After arriving in Millington, proceed to the 3rd stop light. This should be Navy Road. U-Haul should be on the northeast corner of this intersection. Turn right.
  • Go to the 3rd stop light on Navy Road. Turn right into NSA Midsouth Naval Base main gate. The pass and decal building is just to the right of the guard station at this gate.
  • After securing your pass to enter the base, turn right to continue entering through the main gate. Continue on this road until after you have passed four cross streets. After this, you should make a slow 90 degree curve to the left which takes you through a small wooded area. After passing through this wooded area, the USACE Finance & Logistics Center is the first building on the left. Posted speed limits on this main road into the base is 35 mph. All cross streets are 20 mph. (building 787).

Directions to rental car lots from UFC:

  • Leave parking lot at the USACE Finance & Logistics Center and turn right onto Singleton Parkway.
  • Continue on Singleton Parkway when it turns into Covington Pike.
  • Continue on Covington Pike for about 5 miles to the I-40 entrance.
  • Take the I-40 East entrance (left turn off Covington Pike).
  • I-40 East will split to the left with I-240 South straight.
  • Take I-240 South.
  • Exit I-240 at the Airways Blvd/Intl Airport exit.
  • At the Intl Airport - Airways/Democrat split take the leg to Airways/Democrat and get in the left lane on Airways. (Watch for Rental Car Return signs)
  • At the traffic light take a left onto Democrat Rd. Get in the left lane.
  • Take the second Rental Rd. entrance (left) off of Democrat Rd.

Items needed to get your car on base:

For a rental car

  1. Government I. D.
  2. Drivers license.
  3. Rental car agreement or papers.

For your personal automobile.

  1. Government I. D.
  2. Drivers license.
  3. Car registration.
  4. Proof of Insurance.

 EFT Wire Instructions
 Financial Code Directory

The UFC evolved through the Defense Management Review Directive (DMRD) 910 mandate in December 1991 to capitalize Department of Defense (DoD) operating finance & accounting operations by Defense Finance & Accounting Service (DFAS). In November 1992, a joint USACE/DFAS study concluded that USACE should be allowed to complete the development and deployment of CEFMS and consolidate operating finance & accounting functions into one location. DFAS would reconsider capitalization six months after the last USACE activity was capitalized into the central location. In June 1995, the HQ USACE operating F&A functions located in Huntsville, AL. was transferred to the UFC. In July 1996, all UFC personnel located in Huntsville, AL and Washington, D.C. with the exception of the CEFMS Development Team, were relocated to the Naval Support Activity Mid-South location.

The UFC was officially established by permanent orders, signed by the Chief of Engineers, on 6 September 1996 to reduce the cost and improve the overall quality of USACE financial management.

Consolidation of USACE activities began on 1 December 1996. The UFC completed consolidation of all CONUS F&A activities on 1 August 1999. Later in 1999, through the direction of the Assistant Secretary of Army, Financial Management and Comptroller’s Office (ASA FM&C), DFAS completed an economic analysis/business case on further capitalization of the UFC. Although the analysis showed no adverse impact on the UFC, there were no additional savings to be garnered by DoD. The Deputy Secretary of Defense notified Congress that DFAS would suspend capitalization efforts of the UFC.

Consolidation of the Transatlantic Program Center (TAC) and the Europe District on 1 April 2002 expanded our operating finance and accounting services to USACE OCONUS activities and foreign currency disbursements.

Consolidation of the Pacific Ocean Division (Hawaii), Japan District, and Far East (Korea) District was completed on 1 April 2003.

 New Notice- Payments made to USACE by Check

Notice to Customers Making Payment by Check

When you provide a check as payment, you authorize us either to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction.

 UFC PCS Receipt Status
 Vision Statement
  1. The premier, world-class provider of finance and accounting services.
  2. The trustee, innovative financial partner of USACE.
  3. One organization, one identity.
  4. The employer of choice, providing a progressive & professional work environment.

Under the first tenet of our vision – premier, world-class provider of F&A services, the UFC continues to make improvements to our business processes, procedures and systems, taking advantage of leading-edge technology in order to remain competitive and a best value to our customers. The UFC will endeavor to adjust its structure to meet the needs of USACE, the Army, and all our valued customers to improve performance in finance & accounting and revolutionize effectiveness.

Under the second tenet of our vision – trusted, innovative financial partner, the UFC strives to fully satisfy customer requirements and aggressively resolve problems to deliver best value, quality services. We implement performance metrics to drive best business practices and achieve high quality results. We leverage technology & resources by optimizing the mix of our workforce, maximizing on the efficiency of information technology, and partnering with our customers. Since our mission spans the world and brings together many diverse program areas of USACE, we partner with the districts, divisions, labs and separate field operating activities to leverage on our complex, fully integrated financial management system, CEFMS, to provide “world class” support and accomplish our mission. Today the UFC and all USACE activities can query financial data real-time via a web browser. When a problem is identified, the UFC provides an automated solution for better management of information. Our innovative capability is demonstrated by increasing use of e-commerce and e-government technology providing a paperless, seamless environment, increasing accuracy and growing our customer’s spending power by delivering increased value for less cost. We have begun with a very important step of earning the first qualified opinion on the USACE Civil Works audited financial statements balance sheet. Our next step will be assisting in earning an unqualified opinion on all USACE financial statements. The UFC is truly the financial partner at work.

Under the third tenet of our vision – one organization, one identity, the UFC was officially established by permanent orders, signed by the chief of Engineers, on 6 September 1996 to reduce the cost and improve the overall quality of USACE financial management. The consolidation of the UFC was a necessary step. It allowed the USACE to improve its internal operations; standardize and integrate the financial operations, procedures, and systems; implement best business practices; and, reduces cost to our customers. The UFC continues to improve corporate quality and value.

Under the fourth tenet of our vision – employer of choice, the UFC embraces continuous learning for our work force to ensure critical, high quality skill sets. One of our main goals is to be able to develop the next generation of UFC leadership by investing in our people. Our focus is centered around shaping the way we partner with our customers and stakeholders to drive our decisions and behaviors. We embrace change and seek new ways to do business by investing in leading-edge technology. We communicate openly and honestly; treat everyone with fairness and respect; follow through on commitments; and demonstrate accountability and integrity as a team. We train and develop our employees by providing classroom and on-the-job cross training to strive for excellence and recognize and reward exemplary performance. We always explore ways to provide challenging assignments and to maintain a healthy, safe and pleasant environment in which to work. The UFC working motto is “WE EXIST TO SERVE USACE’S BEST – THE PREMIER ENGINEERING ORGANIZATION OF DOD.

Relocation Income Tax Allowance

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The RITA is an authorized entitlement to reimburse civilian employees for substantially all of the additional federal, state, and local taxes incurred by the employee, or by the employee and spouse if filing a joint income tax return, as a result of a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move.

Filing the RITA claim is required in the tax year following the tax year that the employee received reimbursement of their PCS travel and transportation expenses.  For example, if the employee transferred to a new duty station and received reimbursements for any moving expenses in 2015 (Year 1), the employee must submit a RITA claim in 2016 (Year 2).

The amounts reported on the Form W-2 sent to you from the USACE Finance Center (UFC) for these PCS reimbursements must be included in your total gross income (i.e., payroll Form W2s, Form 1099s, etc.) when you file your federal and state income tax returns.

Failure to submit a claim for the RITA will obligate the employee to repay the amount of Withholding Tax Allowance (WTA) to the government paid to the Federal Reserve Bank for the employee. 

Detailed information about the PCS RITA entitlement is located in Part 302-17 of the Federal Travel Regulations at this web site:

The point of contact for this information is, USACE Finance Center Travel Division, telephone number (901) 873-9116 or (901) 873-9160, DSN 882-9116 or 882-9160, FAX (901) 873-9262.

 What is RITA?

We are required by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations to issue a Form W-2 to you for all Permanent Change of Station (PCS) travel reimbursements made to you in a tax year that are defined as taxable under IRS regulations. 

RITA is an entitlement to help offset the additional tax liability a civilian employee incurs when they do a PCS move.  Each time we calculate a PCS voucher, we calculate an amount for your RITA entitlement.  By regulations, the current standard calculation is 25% of the amount of the taxable reimbursable items on the voucher.  This RITA amount that we calculate on each voucher is just a portion of your total RITA entitlement and is identified as the WTA - Withholding Tax Allowance.  (NOTE:  A different standard calculation percentage may have been in effect at the time your voucher was calculated.)

When we pay you the net amount (after taxes) of your reimbursement, we forward the amount of WTA that was calculated on the voucher to the Federal Reserve Bank on your behalf as FITW - Federal Income Tax Withholding - to be deposited in your IRS tax liability account.  The total amount of these deposits for the year is reported in Block # 2 on the IRS Form W-2.  The gross amount (before taxes) of all of the entitlements calculated for you for the year is reported in block # 1 on the IRS Form W-2.   

You are required by regulations to file a RITA claim for any tax year that you receive WTA for taxable reimbursements paid to you for a PCS move.  Consider a RITA claim as a 'reconciliation' of the WTA amounts calculated on each voucher and paid in to the Federal Reserve on your behalf, and the actual amount of additional income tax liability you incurred, based on your individual total taxable income and your filing status.

If your total RITA was over-calculated by the standard percentage, an overpayment would have been made to the Federal Reserve Bank on your behalf, and we will issue a bill to you for the overpayment.  Since you have already filed your income tax return, any overpayment that was on deposit for you has already been refunded to you by the IRS after the total amount in your IRS tax withholding account was applied to your total IRS tax liability.  

If your total RITA entitlement was under-calculated by the standard percentage, then we underpaid the Federal Reserve Bank on your behalf.  In this case, we issue a payment for the underpaid amount directly to you.   

More information on the RITA entitlement can be found in the (FTR) Federal Travel Regulations in Part 302-17 on web site:

 Instructions for Completing RITA Claims

You need only file the front page of the DD Form 1351-2 for your RITA claim. Complete blocks # 1 thru # 8 and block # 11; enter “RITA 2015” (or the appropriate tax year) in block 18.b. You do not need to enter any amounts – we calculate the amount and send you a copy of the computation to the address you give us on this DD Form 1351-2.

Be sure to sign and date DD Form 1351-2 in blocks 20.a. & 20.b.

Your supervisor signs blocks 20.c. and 20.d. only if your supervisor is different from your Travel Approving Official (TAO). If your supervisor is also your TAO, then this person only needs to sign and date blocks 21.a & 21.b. and write ‘same as TAO’ in blocks 20.c. and 20.d.

Attach the following to the completed DD Form 1351-2:

1. The completed RITA Certification Form, and

2. one (1) copy of ALL IRS Form W-2s for you and your spouse, and

3. one (1) copy of ALL Form 1099s for military retirement for you and your spouse (if applicable), and

4. one (1) copy of the Schedule SE from your federal income tax return for self-employment income (if applicable).

Make a copy of your claim for your records. Mail or scan the originals of your RITA claim to:

USACE Finance Center


5722 Integrity Drive

Millington TN 38054 - 5005


FAX: (901) 873-9262

POC: (901) 873- 9116 and (901) 873- 9160

 Certification Form
 Travel Voucher or Subvoucher

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