Civil Engineering

No. 165 General Survey Act
No. 163 Civil Works for the Public Good During the New Deal and Depression
   ♦ No. 155 Clean Water Act Anniversary - Overview
   ♦ No. 156 Clean Water Act - Marco Island, Florida, 1976-1982
   ♦ No. 157 Clean Water Act - Dredged Material Research Program and the Harbor of New York and New Jersey, 1973-2016
   ♦ No. 158 Clean Water Act - San Diego Vernal Pools Preservation Plan, 1980-2012
   ♦ No. 159 Clean Water Act - Everglades Restoration
No. 140 Defunct Districts from the Past
No. 137 Mount St. Helens Recovery
No. 126 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal Opening
No. 120 Snagboats
No. 111  Cape Hatteras Lighthouse 
No. 108  Tom Brokaw's Corps Connection 
No. 107 An Army Engineer Officer Oversaw the Construction of the Panama Canal 
No. 103 The Water Resources Development Act of 1986 (WRDA-86) Fundamentally Changed the Way the Corps Planned and Financed Water Resources Projects 
No. 095  The Corps of Engineers Built the Red Cross Headquarters Building as a Memorial to Women of the Civil War 
No. 093 The Largest Ship Salvage Operation in Corps History Took Place in Guam 
No. 091 The Norfolk District Manages One of the Nation’s Oldest Artificial Waterways 
No. 088 Congress Established the Mississippi River Commission 
No. 084 Partner in Conservation 
No. 081 Army Engineers Surveyed the Route for “The Loneliest Road in America" 
No. 077 John F. Kennedy Dedicated a Corps of Engineers Project Shortly Before His Death 
No. 076 Army Engineers Supervised Construction of the Arlington National Cemetery Amphitheater 
No. 072 The Norfolk District Has Kept the Channels of Hampton Roads Open for Half a Century 
No. 071 The Corps of Engineers Named Vessels to Honor Members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition 
No. 070 Early 19th Century Corps of Engineers Plans for the C&O Canal 
No. 067 Army Engineers Reopened a Key Italian Port in Support of the Allied Advance During World War II 
No. 060 Army Engineers Designed and Built President John F. Kennedy's Original Eternal Flame at Arlington National Cemetery 
No. 059 The Corps Has Helped Solve Urban Water Problems Since 1824 - Beginning at the White House 
No. 052 Congress created the Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors on 13 June 1902 
No. 049 Engineers Gathered Early Aurora Borealis Statistics Still Used by Scientists Today 
No. 044 Sergeant Floyd Monument 
No. 040 The Corps Designed Suspension Bridges that Saved Lives in Afghanistan 
No. 039 The Corps Oversaw the Construction of Much of Afghanistan’s Modern Road Network 
No. 035 The Corps Helped Answer President Kennedy's Call for National Preparedness 
No. 024 The Bribe that Went Up in Smoke 
No. 020 One of the Corps' Most Distinguished Civil Engineers Escaped Nazi Persecution 
No. 013 What a Corps Civilian, Water Current Meters, and Apple Sorters Have In Common 
No. 003 Lt. Eugene A. Woodruff, Red River Hero