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AKNorthwest Arctic Borough Data Gathering and Dissemination EffortThis project provides five villages in the NWAB with LiDAR and a bi-lingual flood hazard information poster for dissemination throughout the Borough.USACE;State
ALAlabama Flood Warning System Enhancement ProjectThis effort will yield completed inundation maps for Birmingham hosted on NOAA NWS website, build points to reduce flood insurance premiums, and improve flood risk communication.FEMA;NOAA NWS;USACE;USGS;State;Local
ALValley Creek Inundation Mapping (Birmingham)Build a hydrology and HEC-RAS model to complete inundation maps that will be hosted on NOAA NWS website.NOAA;USACE;State;Local
ARBob Kidd Dam Flood Risk Assessment, Mitigation PlanA multi-purpose study to assess flood hazards, residual flood risk, dam break flood risk scenarios, and a mitigation strategy with an effective emergency response and communication plan, such as early warning systems.USACE;USGS;State
AZApache County Floodplain Management Integrating Post-Wildland Fire Impacts to Watershed ChangesArizona Apache County Floodplain Management Integrating Post-Wildland Fire Impacts to Watershed ChangesUSACE;USGS;State;Local
CAWhittier Narrows Emergency PlanningAssist the city of Pico Rivera with emergency planning and aid other communities downstream of Whittier Narrows Dam with their own emergency planning.USACE;State;Local
AKJuneau Jokulhlaup Inundation ReportProvide information for the future modeling of jokulhlaups (glacier outburst) and better delineation of at-risk areasNOAA;USACE;USGS;Local
AKKoyukuk High Water Mark Information GatheringCollect high-water marks, document flood history, provide a flood information report to the community, and provide a bilingual flood risk awareness poster in order to make people in Koyukuk and surrounding communities more aware of their flood risks.USACE;Tribes;State;Local
AKWillow Creek Predictive High Water Scenario PlanningPerform high water scenario modeling and mapping of Willow Creek by augmenting recently released FEMA maps to identify specific areas at risk beyond the regulatory floodplain; develop potential flood risk reduction measures.NOAA NWS;USACE;USGS;State;Local;Private
AKYukon-Kuskokwim Adaptation and Resiliency WorkshopProvide an adaptation and resiliency workshop for the over 50 communities in the Y-K Delta Region. The workshop will validate data and develop strategies.BIA;NOAA;USACE;Tribes;State;Other Federal
AKLowell Creek Table Top Exercise and EAPPlan and execute a table top exercise/develop a draft Emergency Action Plan that will establish a process and system for the City of Seward to address emergency flood response, including potential flooding from aging Lowell Creek flood diversion system.FEMA;NOAA NWS;USACE;USGS;State;Local
AKKotlik Coastal Flood Awareness and OutreachConduct coastal flood awareness, outreach, and data collection activities at Kotlik, Alaska, by developing flood risk materials, conducting a meeting with local leadership and the Alaska Silver Jackets team, and collecting short-term water level data.NOAA;USACE;Tribes;State
AKImproving Access to Relative Sea Level Change Guidance in AlaskaEnhance access to relative sea level change (RSLC) estimates and guidance for RSLC approximations in Alaska to address challenges associated with incorporating RSLC into flood risk reduction studies in a region with limited data.NOAA;USACE;State
AKAlaska Ice Jam Training and Freeze-up InvestigationsProvide ice jam related training in a two-day course in Anchorage and Fairbanks, develop a Technical Report with preliminary analysis on freeze up jams, and provide ice jam mitigation recommendations for local partners.NOAA NWS;USACE;State;Local
ALAlabama Non-Structural WorkshopsDeliver and record 2 workshops on nonstructural flood risk management methods targeting local municipal officials.FEMA;USACE;State;Other Non-Federal
ALVillage Creek Property Flood Risk Reduction AssessmentUpdate existing structure inventory and perform non-structural flood risk analysis with recommendations on a structure by structure basis.FEMA;USACE;State;Local
ARNon-structural Assessment in the Little Rock area (Shannon Hills)Provide the City of Shannon Hills with a comprehensive nonstructural assessment of repetitively damaged structures along the Otter Creek and Shannon Hills Tributary.USACE;State;Local
ARMassey - Alexander Levee EAPAssist with updating Emergency Action Plan and perform a levee breach analysis.FEMA;USACE;State;Local
ARLake Poinsett Hydrologic AnalysisPerform hydrological and hydraulic analyses for use by state in ensuring a dam's spillway is adequately sized.USACE;USGS;State;Local
ARArkansas Flood Risk AssessmentDevelop methods for the State to analyze flood risks associated with dam failures at high hazard dams (regulated by the State) and work with affected communities to address those risks in a local Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP).FEMA;NOAA NWS;USACE;State
AREmergency Evacuation Planning for Cherokee LakeDevelop a comprehensive evacuation plan for Hardy to better prepare the residents and businesses in the community that are located in the inundation area of a Cherokee Lake dam breach.FEMA;NOAA NWS;USACE;State;Local
AREmergency Evacuation Planning for Lake ElmdaleDevelop a comprehensive evacuation plan for Elm Springs to better prepare the residents and businesses in the community that are located in the inundation area of a Lake Elmdale dam breach.FEMA;NOAA NWS;USACE;State;Local
ARDixie Flood Risk ReductionProvide an in-depth analysis into all available Federal, State and Local programs that exist that can be used to identify all non-structural programs that are available to assist the community of Dixie.FEMA;NOAA;USACE;State;Local
ARArkansas Historic Flood SignsCreate public, historic flooding signs for up to 50 communities to raise awareness of past severe flood disasters in Arkansas.FEMA;NOAA;USACE;USGS;State;Private
ARWhite County Emergency Evacuation PlanningDevelop a comprehensive emergency evacuation plan for White County to be better prepared for any overtopping or breach of Greers Ferry Lake structures.FEMA;NOAA NWS;USACE;State;Local
AZNavajo Nation Flood Hazards and Risks AwarenessConduct workshops for Navajo Nation communities located in the Little Colorado River Watershed on emergency response and preparedness; create videos and bilingual posters to educate those communities on flood hazards and risks.FEMA;USACE;Tribes;University
AZCity of Apache Junction Flood Response PlanDevelop a Flood Response Plan and conduct tabletop exercises with the community and first responders to help the community be prepared to assist its at risk residents during a flood event.FEMA;NOAA NWS;USACE;State;Local;Private
CACommunicating California's Flood RiskDevelop informational video product to increase public awareness of flood risk and specific non-structural actions to manage risk. The videos will focus on the specific flood risks in California’s different regions (different videos for different regions). The videos can be used in trainings, at conferences and are a great way to take the information to other groups during presentations.USACE;State
CAEducational Course on Flood Risk and Flood Hazard Mitigation in CaliforniaTo develop and supplement existing information provided to CA teachers with regards to Flood Risk.NOAA NWS;USACE;State;Local;Private/University
CACA Silver Jackets Webinar Support (Silver Jackets Webinar funding)A series of webinars intended to familiarize local agencies about flood risk management initiatives and funding sources.FEMA;NRCS;USACE;USFS;State
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