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Environmental Advisory Board

The Chief of Engineers' Environmental Advisory Board has been absorbed as a permanent subcommittee of the Army Science Board.

Background.  The Environmental Advisory Board (EAB) was created by the Chief of Engineers, Lieutenant General Frederick J. Clarke in 1970, as a means for the Chief to gain outside, expert and independent advice on environmental issues facing the Corps of Engineers. Over the years, this Board has served the Corps of Engineers well.  We intend to not only continue this process, but to also use the Board as a vehicle of communication to reach out and build partnerships, understandings and cooperation with the environmental community, and public at large.  Environmental concerns have never been more important.   We see the Environmental Advisory Board playing a key role in contributing to enhanced mutual understanding and confidence between the Corps and both the general public and the conservation community. 

Membership.  The subcommittee consists of 5-10 members who are eminent authorities in the field of natural (e.g. biological, ecological), social (e.g. anthropologist, community planner), and related sciences with diversity in thought. Click here for current membership and biographies. (updated December 2020)