Environmental Justice

Leading the mission to ensure fair, inclusive, and equitable solutions for communities water resource needs.

USACE Environmental Justice Goals in Achieving Justice40

  • Modify existing policy, guidance and programs to be more inclusive of diverse community needs
  • Utilize latest in GIS mapping and benefit analysis technologies
  • Develop outreach strategies that address tribal, regional and remote needs of the nation and our territories
  • Identify partnering opportunities with state, local, Tribal, and community based environmental justice groups to improve climate resiliency


Environmental Justice Overview

“Environmental Justice” means the just treatment and meaningful involvement of all people, regardless of income, race, color, national origin, Tribal affiliation, or disability, in agency decision-making and other Federal activities that affect human health and the environment so that people:

  1. are fully protected from disproportionate and adverse human health and environmental effects (including risks) and hazards, including those related to climate change, the cumulative impacts of environmental and other burdens, and the legacy of racism or other structural or systemic barriers; and
  2. have equitable access to a healthy, sustainable, and resilient environment in which to live, play, work, learn, grow, worship, and engage in cultural and subsistence practices.

Whether studying, planning, designing, constructing, providing assistance, or operating within key mission areas; the USACE works to meet the needs of diverse communities in all phases of program management, planning, and decision-making at home and abroad.

Covered Programs and Partnering Assistance Programs

Justice40 programs are Federal programs that make covered investments in any one of the following seven categories: climate change, clean energy and energy efficiency, clean transit, affordable and sustainable housing, training and workforce development, remediation and reduction of legacy pollution, and the development of critical clean water and wastewater infrastructure.

To be considered for the covered Justice40 Program, proposed projects MUST be identified by using the White House Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool (CEJST).  

Below are USACE Justice40 covered programs and links to other Federal Agency programs that may provide communities partnering assistance.

 USACE Justice40 Covered Programs
 Partnering Assistance Programs

Meet Some Of Our Environmental Justice Leads

Why our employees are excited about the USACE’s innovative efforts to ensure equity in water resource management? We asked, and this is what they had to say:

“Working in Environmental Justice and Tribal Affairs for the last 25 years and seeing the opportunity to help Justice40 communities address critical water related infrastructure needs has been a life-long dream come true. The agency and DOD have been leaders in creating a more inclusive environment and I’m proud to be a part of its transformation!"
-Jerica, Environmental Justice Program Manager

“I’m excited about USACE’s innovative efforts to ensure equity… Because we’re empowered to LEARN through increased EJ literacy and application, NETWORK to strengthen internally and externally for “one government,” ENGAGE by hearing from communities directly, and to LEAD by doing the right thing."
-Eileen, MSC Environmental Justice Coordinator

“We are excited about USACE's innovative efforts to ensure equity in water management because we value the role of all people in decision making processes that impact their communities."
-Andrew, District Environmental Justice Lead