System for Award Managment

Register in the System for Award Management (SAM) database. See description below. It is mandatory that all vendors be registered under the SAM program.

Find information on available opportunities through Contract Opportunities on the website.

Complete the appropriate forms stated in or provided in the synopsis or solicitation and return them to the location identified within the synopsis or solicitation.

USACE Acquisition Instruction

The USACE Acquisition Instruction (UAI) is issued by the Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA), the Chief of Engineers, pursuant to the FAR 1.301, DFARS 201.304, and under the authority of the Secretary of the Army, pursuant to AFARS 5101.304. The UAI establishes uniform policies and procedures to ensure that business practices are consistent throughout USACE, provides internal guidance, delegations of authority, assignments of responsibilities, work‐flow procedures, procedures that are required by regulation to be established by the HCA, procedures that implement policies, and internal reporting requirements.

Current Version

Archived Versions

Engineer Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

The Engineer Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (EFARS) is RESCINDED by the USACE Acquisition Instruction which was issued by USACE Head of Contracting Activity on March 18, 2013. EFARS can be referenced, as necessary, for any contracts issued before March 18, 2013.