Why USACE is purchasing Sustainable products and services?

•Compliance with Federal Green Procurement Law

• Purchasing products that are made of recycled or recovered material keeps those items from entering the waste stream. 

• Green products may cost less, require less maintenance, or have a lower life cycle cost (total cost of a product or service from design to disposal, or cradle to grave.)

• Buying green products, your program will be in compliance with all Federal Green Procurement requirements.

Federal Mandate Programs

Sustainable Acquisitions

4th Infantry 1st Brigade and Battalion Headquarters -LEED Gold

Mission, Goals and Objectives

By pursuing initiatives that enable environmentally sound mission success, USACE can continue to restore, protect, and enhance its mission resources. Initiatives such as waste diversion and the purchase of recycled-content, biobased content, and other environmentally preferable products benefit the environment and demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship.

USACE 's sustainability goals focus on making improvements in environmental, energy and economic performance to increase energy efficiency, reduce fleet petroleum consumption, conserve water, reduce waste, support sustainable communities in the workplace and beyond, and leveraging its Federal purchasing power to promote environmentally responsible products and technologies.   By promoting green purchasing, USACE helps to protect the environment and natural resources.