Installation Readiness Division

Published April 13, 2021


The Installation Readiness Division is meeting military mission requirements supporting world-class sustainable and resilient installations IISwhere Soldiers call home. We develop and maintain effective and valued U.S. Army Corps of Engineers installation support capability to support public works activities at all levels of the Army and other services.

The key to our success are relationships at the local level between the installation and the Corps of Engineers district and at the national level with the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Energy and Sustainability, Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management, Installation Management Command, and other land holding commands that enhance the abilities of the Corps of Engineers to serve as the Army’s engineer and as a member of the Army’s installation management team.


• Provides program management and oversight for the Army’s Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization,Facilities Reduction Program and the Corps of Engineers Installation Support programs. As installations focus more on sustaining and maintaining facilities, Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization will be a larger part of the Corps of Engineers work effort. Many facilities will be repurposed and thus reconfigured to meet changing mission needs. The Installation Support Division oversees the larger SRM programs on Army and DOD installations to include the life cycle management of critical facilities.

• Provides analyses of Army initiatives, concepts, and force structure for use by the Army staff, Department of Defense and Department of the Army materiel acquisition communities, and validates facility requirements for the Army throughout the Army Force Modernization Process (Combat Readiness Support Team).

• Supports Corps of Engineers permanent membership on the Service and Infrastructure Core Enterprise board, co-chaired by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy, and the Environment and the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installations Management and includes representatives from more than 15 commands, organizations, and headquarters Department of the Army staff offices. The board provides the decision forum to integrate initiatives that provide essential services, infrastructure and operational support to improve the livelihood of Soldiers, their Families and Civilians.

• Serves as managing editor for the Installation Management Command publication Public Works Digest, which provides technical and human interest stories on public works, energy, environment, housing, master planning, military construction and innovative engineering accomplishments.

• Provides technical support for Real Property Master Planning, providing leadership, planning assistance, policy development, and course instruction to Corps of Engineers, Army staff, Department of Defense staff and Army installations. Army master planning teams have been recognized for multiple years with national Federal Planning Division design awards from the American Planning Association.

• Serves as the Public Works Defense Infrastructure Sector Lead Agent under the DOD Critical Infrastructure Program. This assigned mission supports the identified mission critical assets across the Department of Defense by evaluating the public works infrastructure, performing threats/hazards analysis, completing vulnerabilities and risk assessments; developing remediation options to achieve acceptable risk levels for DOD missions; and monitoring and reporting the status of these assets to the Department of Defense.

• Supports the military construction process through execution of the Programming, Administration, and Execution (PAX) system. The Army Staff uses PAX to provide information on the military construction planning, programming, budgeting and reporting to Army, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Congress. PAX includes the 1391 Processor for initiating military construction projects.

• Manages the USACE Installation Support Professional of the Year program.

• Serves as proponent and training coordinator for public works management professional development courses through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Learning Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

• Provides services through an Engineering Services contract that performs management/industrial engineering analyses, studies, and recommendations, and other services incidental to this work in the areas of (1) engineering and construction management, and personnel and manpower analyses, re-engineering appraisals; (2) real property management and housing management; (3) engineering analyses related to privatization feasibility and optimization (4) specialized engineering and construction-related information systems appraisals and requirement; (5) facilities policy, management, and administration; (6) environmental management and remediation; and other related topics and issues.

• Serves as the Headquarters, Corps of Engineers lead on the fielding of the Sustainment Management System - BUILDER and other Research and Development program products that assist installations in their management of facilities and infrastructure.

• Serves as the integrator of all USACE activities supporting the Army’s Energy Program and Army Energy Strategy. Provides technical support on acquisition and sales of energy, utility rate intervention and litigation, renewable energy sources, energy savings performance contracts and utilities metering.

• Maintains a San Antonio, Texas, office for direct coordination with major Commands in the San Antonio area.


• Building additional capabilities within the Installation Support Community of Practice team to accept the expanding role of installation support to Army and Department of Defense assets.

• Leading the way technically to provide energy savings in military construction and Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization projects.

• Managing very limited funds against large requirements for services and products.

• Ensuring the use of funds are in accordance with Headquarters, Installation Management Command’s programming and Army enterprise wide priorities.

• Delivering cybersecure, real property facilities and infrastructure for our stakeholders in accordance with DOD standards leveraging the Corps of Engineers’ Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Technical Center of Expertise leading the way.

• Continuing to build relationships with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the assistant secretaries of the Army, Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management, the Installation Management Command and other land holding commands.