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Hydrology and Low Impact Development

The USACE Hydrology and Low Impact Development Regional Technical Center of Expertise is the technical expert for Hydrology and Low Impact Development (LID), a critical area of concern within the fields of sustainability, energy and life cycle cost analysis. This web page contains guidance documents, case studies, and best management practices and tools to assist users in designing construction projects that conserve water and reduce the impact of the constructed environment on the surrounding natural resources. Careful planning and development can strategically create areas that reduce quantity of runoff from a site.

The Hydrology and LID RECX is one of 18 Regional Technical Centers of Expertise within USACE, which are designed to accelerate learning and knowledge transfer within a number of technical competencies, such as energy modeling, solar thermal, waste efficiency and wind energy, among others.

The Army Low Impact Development Technical User Guide is provided to assist DoD planners, engineers, and stormwater managers in meeting the requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007, Section 438, for their facility.

Contact: LID@usace.army.mil