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  • September

    The longest shift: dam operator trapped at Detroit Dam during wildfires

    Before leaving for his work shift, Mike Pomeroy said goodbye to his wife, Ronda, the way he always did: with a promise. “I’ll see you in 14.” The powerplant operator then made the hour drive for his shift at Detroit Dam that Labor Day evening, in “red flag” conditions as the Beachie Fire consumed swaths of land to the northeast.
  • June

    Employee’s hustle during navigation lock outage leads to agency-level win

    The task: manage your first emergency contract to repair some broken concrete that has brought a stand-still to $24 billion worth of annual commerce moving on the Columbia River while battling morning sickness.
  • May

    Corps prepares for dry year in Rogue River Basin

    Chuck Grady, Rogue River Basin Project operations project manager, speaks to current water conditions, potential impacts and related challenges.
  • June

    Portland District partner named best in nation

    A key Portland District recreation partner has been named best in the nation by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • April

    Going Green: Restoring salmon to an urban park

    PORTLAND, Ore. -- Crystal Springs Creek is one of thousands of small streams flowing through the Pacific Northwest. Most provide ideal habitat for fish, but this creek has not supported fish passage for about 40 years. "We have accounts of salmon dating from the 50s, 60s," said Ronda Fast, Environmental Program Coordinator, Portland Bureau of Environmental Services.