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Tag: Mississippi Valley Division
  • May

    U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s mentoring program develops leaders while fostering friendships

    For nearly five years, leadership from the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s Directorate of Human Capital has focused on talent development with the ERDC mentoring program. For Pam Simpson, the ERDC training program coordinator, the key to being successful in the workplace is a strong foundation; and she credits hers to a good mentor who saw her potential more than three decades ago.  So, when the ERDC Directorate of Human Capital announced their plans for a mentoring program, Simpson was one of the first to volunteer. 
  • UMRR Program - Steamboat Island HREP - Pool 14

    The Steamboat Island Project is located in the middle section of Pool 14 along the right descending bank of the Upper Mississippi River (UMR), between the town of Princeton and the Wapsipinicon River. The goals are to maintain, enhance, and restore quality habitat for all native and desirable plant, animal, and fish species and maintain, enhance, restore, and emulate natural river processes, structures, and functions for a sustainable ecosystem.
  • February

    Top five strengths

    Performance Management and Data Analytics Chief of Military Programs at USACE Headquarters, Sam Zakhem, led a two-day class on a variety of important topics ranging from knowing yourself as a leader, making a first impression, and listening with intent.
  • Mississippi River Commission schedules high-water inspection trip

    The Mississippi River Commission will conduct its annual high-water inspection trip on the Mississippi River, March 29– April 3, 2020. Four public meetings have been scheduled aboard the Motor Vessel MISSISSIPPI in selected towns along the river. Commission members will meet with local partners, stakeholders and residents and hear their concerns, ideas and issues.