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  • March

    Far East District continues to provide engineering solutions during COVID-19

    CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea—South Korea was one of the first countries affected by COVID-19. Although the novel virus has drastically altered operations within the Republic of Korea, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Far East District (FED) has continued to diligently find ways to provide engineering solutions in support of United States Forces Korea (USFK).
  • Lock and dam tow rail systems get upgrades

    The St. Paul District is investing more than $18 million in the tow rail system, vital pieces of equipment which assists tows locking through lock and dams when traveling upriver.
  • Women’s History Month 2020: Valiant Women of the Vote

    CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea— Each year, the month of March is designated as Women’s History Month by presidential proclamation. The month is set aside to honor women’s contributions in American history. This year’s theme is, Valiant Women of the Vote. The theme honors the brave women who fought to win suffrage rights for women, and for the women who continue to fight for the voting rights of others.
  • From mid-Atlantic to Canada, Norfolk District foresters manage unique Army program

    FORT A.P. HILL, Va. – For a pair of Real Estate Office staffers at Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, there really is no confusing the forest for the trees. District foresters Andrew Willey and Stefan Flores are responsible for timber sales and helping manage forests on military installations and other Army real property.
  • Nansemond project’s Restoration Advisory Board to meet Thursday

    SUFFOLK, Va. — Restoration efforts at Former Nansemond Ordnance Depot remain a priority for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The project's next Restoration Advisory Board meeting is set for Thursday from 6:15 to 8:15 p.m. at Tidewater Community College’s Center for Workforce Solutions.
  • February

    Norfolk District navigation support team preps, updates inlet for dredging

    The Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers navigation team arrived at Croatan Point here early February to replace pilings and a floating dock in preparation for the next iteration of dredging.
  • Corps employees get taste of Nashville’s black history

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Feb. 20, 2020) — Corps employees got a taste of Nashville’s black history today during a tour and lunch at Woolworth’s on Fifth Avenue.
  • Engineers Week 2020: Resident Engineer speaks about building a career with USACE

    CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea – U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) employees are provided opportunities worldwide to grow with the organization and continue to influence potential future employees of the organization.
  • Field trip to Redstone helps Huntsville Center LDP group expand leadership horizons

    The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville’s 2020 Leadership Development Program I group expanded their knowledge base during a team-building trip to the Prototype Integration Facility and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center area of operations Jan. 31, 2020.
  • Huntsville Center commander sees progress at Redstone remediation site

    The commander of the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, obtained a firsthand look Jan. 16 at the progress of chemical warfare materiel remediation on a portion of Redstone Arsenal.
  • Corps crane operators complete crane proficiency training

    GRAND RIVERS, Tenn. (Feb 3, 2020) – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District, Operations Division personnel recently completed required 100-ton Crane Proficiency Certification training at Barkley Lock. All the employees currently have completed 50-ton certifications and operate cranes around the district.
  • January

    Public meeting set for Deep Creek Bridge Replacement Project

    CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the city of Chesapeake will host a public meeting Thursday on the Deep Creek Bridge Replacement Project. It's scheduled for 5-7 p.m. at Deep Creek Middle School.
  • Eagle Watchers Flock to Dale Hollow Lake for Annual Tour

    CELINA, Tenn. (Jan. 27, 2020) – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District rangers and staff at Dale Hollow lake hosted a free Eagle Watch Tour on Jan. 18, and Jan. 25, where bird enthusiasts witnessed the majestic beauty of the nation’s symbol.
  • Corps lakes offer Christmas trees a second chance

    Evergreen trees aren’t typically considered aquatic vegetation, but if they’re used as Christmas trees in the Savannah River Basin, chances are they’ll continue “bearing fruit” under water. Rather than have old Christmas trees go to the landfill, rangers with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoirs at Hartwell and J. Strom Thurmond lakes collect the trees in December and January each year to make fish habitats in the reservoirs.
  • Park Rangers promote water safety at Nashville Boat Show

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 11, 2020) – Avid boaters and outdoors enthusiasts stopped in at the Nashville Boat Show at the Music City Center in hopes of checking off their list of preseason to-dos, and preparing for the start of the fishing season with a little help from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers park rangers.
  • Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway route closed for gate restoration

    SOUTH MILLS, N.C. – Due to required maintenance, the Dismal Swamp Canal on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway between North Carolina and Virginia has been temporarily shut off to vessel traffic.
  • December

    Dredging to start in Norfolk Harbor inner channels

    NORFOLK, Va. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Cottrell Contracting are set to begin dredging the Norfolk Harbor Inner Channel and channel to Newport News on Saturday.
  • Fuels PDT named USACE ‘Team of the Year’ for contracting

    The professionals of the Fuels Recurring Maintenance and Minor Repair Project Delivery Team gathered Dec. 16, 2019, to receive the 2019 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ “Team of the Year” Excellence in Contracting Award.
  • Agencies to sign agreement at Nansemond project’s next Restoration Advisory Board meeting

    SUFFOLK, Va. — Federal, state and local agencies tackling restoration efforts at Former Nansemond Ordnance Depot will sign a memorandum of understanding at Thursday's quarterly Restoration Advisory Board meeting, officials announced.
  • July

    Bio-acoustic fish fence expected to be operational this fall

    GRAND RIVERS, Ky. (July 30, 2019) – An experimental project designed to deter Asian carp from entering Lake Barkley is underway. Officials addressed stakeholders and media today on the deployment of the bio-acoustic fish fence on the downstream side of the navigation lock and evaluation of the system’s ability to deter the movement of these fish.
  • June

    Recycling a key factor in dismantling of STURGIS floating nuclear power plant

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently completed the safe removal of more than 1.5 million pounds of radioactive material from STURGIS — a WWII Liberty Ship turned into the first floating nuclear power plant in the 1960s.  The Corps’ Baltimore District was tasked with the unique mission to decommission and dismantle the STURGIS, and its nuclear reactor, known as MH-1A, which was used to generate electricity for military and civilian use in the Panama Canal for several years before being shut down in 1976. 
  • Corps mentors Tennessee State University STEM students at Summer Engineering Program

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 28, 2018) – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District has partnered with the Tennessee State University College of Engineering, Technology and Computer Science Department to mentor science, technology, engineering and math students during a four-week National Summer Transportation Institute program June 18 through June 28 on the campus of TSU.
  • November

    Nashville District officials give real estate career advice to college STEM students

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 15, 2017) – Nashville District officials gave real estate career advice today to a class of college STEM students at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tenn.
  • September

    Pioneer in military use of nuclear power provides insight on facility to be decommissioned

    Retired Lt. Gen. Ernest Graves was just a major when he was assigned to the SM-1, the first-of-its-kind nuclear power plant that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was building on Fort Belvoir in the late 1950s. At the time, Major Graves was tasked with overseeing the final stages of construction, then operating and training the staff for the reactor. The SM-1 was the first nuclear reactor in the country to generate power connected to the commercial grid when it achieved its first criticality in April 1957. Sixty years later, a 93-year-old Graves and his wife, Nancy, visited the facility to discuss its history with professionals from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other Department of Defense agencies charged with handling nuclear-related missions for the military.
  • June

    STURGIS decommissioning hits major milestone with deactivated nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel removal

    After years of planning and overcoming significant implementation challenges, the STURGIS project team has successfully removed the Reactor Pressure Vessel — a major component of the U.S. Army’s MH-1A reactor aboard the Nuclear Barge STURGIS.