U.S. Army Prime Power School

The US Army Prime Power School can be for those in the ranks of Specialists, and Sergeants that are currently in a non promotable status.  The minimum qualifications are a GT score of 110, TECH and ELEC scores of 107, Basic Leaders Course Graduate, completion of high school-level Algebra and a 70% on the Basic Math and Science Test.

Interested soldiers should carefully review the qualifications and prerequisites using the information provided in the Course Information and Enrollment link located in the upper left side of this page.  Seats are limited.

The Prime Power MOS of 12P is a voluntary reclassification. Service members do not need to be in their re-enlistment window in order to submit an application

Army Reserve Soldiers are also encouraged to apply. 

Please read and note the Prerequisites and Application Procedures of the Prime Power Production Specialist Course Information.  All applications must be submitted through your local chain-of-command channels. Your Career Counselor/Retention Personnel will submit your application directly to Human Resource Center (HRC) using RETAIN.  If there are any difficulties concerning the application process, please call the U.S. Army Prime Power School at COM: (573) 596-0303 or DSN: 581-0303. 

The Prime Power School is a very challenging and demanding school. Due to the in-depth instruction and large volume of material covered, students are required and expected to devote at least 30 hours of study and homework during the week, as well as, on the weekend.


The current Prime Power Production Specialist training program evolved from the Nuclear Power training program that was established in 1958 to train and qualify members of the Army, Navy, and Air Force as nuclear reactor operators and technicians. As military power requirements changed, so did the training program. In 1977, the Nuclear Power program was phased out and replaced by the Non-tactical Generator program. In 1985, the name was changed to the Prime Power Production Specialist Course.

The Prime Power Production Specialist Course, with Additional Skill Identifier (ASI), is a year-long program of instruction designed to train selected applicants to deploy, install, operate, and maintain the Army's Prime Power Program (P3) power generation and distribution assets in support of theater commanders under the provisions of AR 700-128. Students must successfully complete a demanding two-phase training course in order to qualify in the MOS 12P, Prime Power Production Specialist. Upon satisfactory completion of the MOS 12P course, each student is assigned to one of the three Additional Skill Identifier courses of instruction that qualifies the graduate as a Prime Power Production Instrumentation Specialist (ASI-E5); Prime Power Production Mechanical Specialist (ASI-S2); or as a Prime Power Production Electrical Specialist (ASI-S3).

Prime Power graduates work in many challenging and rewarding assignments worldwide. In wartime, Army personnel are responsible for supporting Prime Power program missions. In peacetime, skills are maintained through training exercises, emergency deployments for disaster relief efforts, and special purpose deployments for electrical power requirements in operations other than war. We also provide technical assistance missions in support of the Directors of Public Works (DPW) throughout the United States and overseas.

The Prime Power soldiers have established a long tradition of excellence, and have earned a well-deserved reputation of upholding the highest standards of the Corps of Engineers. "Essayons" truly describes, both past and present, the spirit and actions of Prime Power Soldiers.

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