The BMST is the Basic Math and Science Test.  It covers Algebra, Physics, Geometry and Electrical fundamentals.

You have three hours to complete the test without the use of calculator.  A passing score of 65% or higher is required.  If you do not receive a passing score on your 1st attempt, it is a 30 day wait before you may take your 2nd attempt.  If you do not score a 65% or better on your 2nd attempt, it is a 6 month wait for the 3rd (final attempt).  You will need to contact your closest Education Center to schedule the date and time for them to administer the test.  The following information is required to start the registration process:


  2) Enterprise Email Address

  3) Current STP

Prospective Prime Power School students are strongly encouraged to self-evaluate and enhance their mathematics and basic science skills prior to taking the Basic Mathematics and Science Test (BMST). 

During the academic training portion of the Prime Power Production Specialist course mathematics application to physical science principles is very intensive. The Operator portion of the Prime Power Production Specialist course and the accompanying Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) courses require the rapid application of these mathematics and science skills through performance events.

There are several excellent mathematics/science web-based programs of instruction that provide step-by-step individualized instruction, with self-paced lessons and practice. These programs cover Basic Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I&II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Vectors, Acceleration, Newton's Laws, etc. In preparation for the BMST and upon acceptance to the Prime Power School, mathematics and science reviews should NOT include Calculus or Calculus based Physics.

The Prime Power School utilizes Khan Academy as a suggested additional resource for students wanting or needing additional assistance that are currently enrolled in courses.  We also use the DOE Fundamentals Handbook Mathematics Volume 1 and 2 (DOE-HDBK-1014/1-92) and (DOE-HDBK-1014/2-92) for getting students back into good work/study habits and assistance when difficulty in grasping concepts occurs. These resources are ideal for the initial Prime Power course of study