Prime Power School Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BMST, and How do I take it?

The BMST is the Basic Math and Science Test. It covers the subjects of Algebra, Physics, Geometry and Electricity.  You have three hours to complete the test without the use of a calculator. You will need to contact your closest Education Center and schedule a time and date for them to administer the test.  Please bring your ID and a current ERB with you when scheduling the test. 

What does the training equate to?

The training received during the one-year Prime Power Production Specialist Course prepares the graduate to perform various tasks relating to the Electrical Power production and distribution field. Graduates perform many tasks that are typically performed by Electrical or Mechanical Engineers.

What happens to students that fail to meet course standards?

They are released from the course and re-assigned based on the needs of the Army.

I have heard the Prime Power School is worth college credits. Is this true?

Yes, all students are enrolled in college for the first phase of training. They will receive approximately 32 semester hours for the Academic Training phase (18 weeks of training). An addition of up to 6 credit hours earned upon completion of student's ASI phase. Students will also receive college credits from most colleges they attend based on the recommendations of the American Counsel of Education (ACE) guide.

Will I be able to appear before a promotion board when I get to the school?

No -- Specialists/Corporals will be promoted upon successful completion of the school and award of the MOS provided they meet all eligibility requirements for promotion to Sergeant, IAW the Special MOS Alignment Promotion Program (SMAPP).

How long after arrival will I be administered a PT test?

You will take the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) in the first 2 weeks you are here. You must also meet the standards of AR 600-9, Army height and weight upon arrival.  Any incoming student who fails to meet body fat standards, will be denied course enrollment.

Can I bring my family to the school?

The active army students attending the 12P, Prime Power Production Specialist, course are doing so in a PCS status. They are authorized all entitlements associated with a PCS move to include moving their family. USAR who are accepted will be attending the Prime Power School in a TCS unaccompanied status. The students attending one of the Prime Power School’s TDY courses are not authorized family accompany travel.

Do I require a security clearance or interim clearance to apply?

Yes, the applicant is required to obtain a Secret or higher clearance that is annotated on your ERB prior to PCSing to Prime Power School.  This will be screened during the application process. No interim clearance for Secret is authorized.

How can I obtain the report date for class?

Call 573 596-0303, DSN: 581-0303.

Prior coming to the school, would it be advisable to take a college algebra and physics course?

Yes, especially if you have not been in an academic environment for some years. There are numerous computer-based pre-algebra, algebra, or trigonometry courses available. This is a fast-paced course, which tends to shock students that do not arrive prepared. It is advisable.

What is taught in the academic phase of the program?

Call 573 596-0303, DSN: 581-0303.

Can I sign in/out for housing if and when I arrive prior to the reporting date?

Yes, it is encouraged to arrive as early as possible in order to get on the housing list and get your family settled.

How many Soldiers are allocated for each ASI?

The optimum breakdown for ASI training is 12 – Instrumentation, 12 – Electrical, and 12 – Mechanical.  A selection board determines which ASI training a student receives based upon the needs of the Battalion, student's academic performance and preference.

What duty stations are available, and can we make the choice for a specific duty station?

Duty stations available across a variety of Army Commands include: Ft. Belvoir, VA; Ft. Liberty, NC, Schofield Barracks, HI, Fort Cavasos, TX, Fort Bliss, TX, as well as numerous overseas assignments throughout the Middle East and Europe. There are also unique assignments at the Pentagon, White House, and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Students will have an opportunity to list their assignment preferences; however, the final decision is based upon the needs of the Army.

Can “geographical bachelors” live in the barracks?

No, however you may still apply for a waiver.

Can I retain my promotional status before coming to the school?

Be in Grade SPC, SPC(P), or SGT.  SGT(P)'s can apply, however if accepted by the school, your promotable status will need to be dropped prior to being slotted in ATRRS for your class seat, or waived for the duration of the course.