12P Prerequisites

Prospective Applicants must meet the Physical demands rating and qualifications for initial award of MOS in accordance with DA Pamphlet 611-2. Prime power production specialist must possess the following qualifications: 

(1) A U.S. Citizen

(2) Physical demands rating of moderate (Gold): minimum OPAT (Army Occupational Physical Assessment Test) score of Standing Long Jump (LJ) 120cm, Seated Power Throw (PT) 350cm, Strength Deadlift (SD) 120lbs, and Interval Aerobic Run (IR) 36 shuttles, in Physical Demand Category "Moderate" (Gold).

(3) A physical profile of 111121.

(4) Normal color vision, to include the ability to distinguish between red and green and good eye hand coordination.

(5) Reclassifying Service Members (SM) must have a Periodic Health Assessment less than 1 year old.

(6) Service Members reclassifying must be in the rank of Private E-1, through non-promotable Sergeant E-5, and are subject to career field requirements.

(7) Civilian Education: High School graduate or equivalent. 

(8) A minimum score of 107 in aptitude area ST, 107 in aptitude area EL and 110 in aptitude area GT on the ASVAB test administered on or after 2 January 2002.

(9) Basic math and Science Proficiency Test (BMST):

(a) SMs reclassifying must score 65 or higher on the BMST prior to being considered for course attendance.

(b) The BMST will be administered to IET SMs following completion of Basic Combat training, and before the end of 12B one station unit training by the installation Education Center. A score of 65 or higher is required for course attendance. Waivers for IET SMs achieving a score of less than 65 must be submitted to EPDO, USAES, ATTN: TSE-E, FT Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8926 for approval. Failure to achieve a minimum score of 65 and receiving a waiver constitutes a loss of the MOS 12P qualification under the provisions of AR 614-200, Chapter 3, and requires mandatory reclassification.

(10) Formal Training:

(a) Completion of the resident MOS 12P course and completion of either ASI E5, S2 OR S3 resident training conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Army Prime Power School (USAPPS) is mandatory to complete MOS 12P qualification. Failure to complete mandatory training, to include ASI training, constitutes loss of MOS 12P qualification under the provisions of AR 614-200, Chapter 3, and requires mandatory reclassification. Waivers of formal training requirements must be submitted to EPDO, USAES, ATTN: ATSE-E, Ft Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8926 for approval.

(b) For IET SMs, successful completion of MOS 12B One Station Unit Training (OSUT), conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Army Engineer School (USAES), is mandatory prior to attending the resident MOS 12P course.

(11) Security eligibility for MOS 12P:

(a) Must possess a security eligibility of SECRET. Once granted, must maintain a SECRET clearance after the initial clearance is granted to maintain the MOS. Failure to maintain a SECRET of higher clearance, or denial of required clearance could result in mandatory re-classification for lack of MOS qualification or denial of reenlistment eligibility in MOS 12P.

(b) SMs will have 12 months from graduation of the MOS 12P Prime Power Production Specialist Course to meet the required SECRET clearance eligibility. Failure to obtain the required clearance will result in mandatory reclassification for loss of PMOS qualification; however, the command can request an additional 180 days to complete the required clearance in lieu of reclassification.

(c) The Engineer Personnel Proponent can grant additional time to obtain the required clearance and will provide a memorandum to clarify the extension end date.

(d) All SMs reclassifying into MOS 12P who do not have a SECRET Clearance or higher must have a completed National Agency Check with Law and Credit (NACLC) and must not have been denied and/or have a suspended clearance at time of reclassification request.

Meet the Time in Service Remaining Requirements at beginning of training in accordance with: 

AR 614-200 (Active-Duty Applicants)
AR 135-200 (Reserve Component Applicants)

All requests for waivers for SMs who do not meet the prerequisites of DA Pamphlet 611-2 must be submitted to EPDO, USAES, ATTN: ATSE-E, Ft Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8926 for approval.

Application Process

1.  Contact your Career Counselor to check eligibility and for additional information if required
2.  Contact Education Center to Schedule taking the BMST.
3.  Provide required documentation to your Career Counselor 
4.  Career Counselor will review documents for completeness and submit to HRC using RETAIN System
5.  HRC will process application -- please have Career Counselor follow up after submission to ensure other documents are not required.
6.  If accepted, HRC will generate student reservation in ATRRS

*All initial entry applicants should see their local recruiter to join the Prime Power team.