12P Prerequisites

Prospective Applicants must meet the following prerequisites in order to be considered for course attendance, as stated in DA Pamphlet 611-21.

Be in Grade, E4, E4(p) or E5

Be a graduate of the Basic Leaders Course

Have a minimum of Interim SECRET assess prior to class start date

A minimum score of 110 in the GT area, and minimum score of 107 in the ST and EL aptitude areas 

Provide High School or College Transcript showing successful completion of Algebra with minimum grade of "C"

Be a High School graduate or have a General Education Development (GED) Diploma

A minimum score of 70% on the Basic Math and Science Proficiency Test (BMST)

Minimum score of 80 on the Defense Language Institute English Language Comprehension (DLIELC) Test

Periodic Health Assessment less than 1 year old

Physical profile of 111121

Normal color vision, to include the ability to distinguish between red and green 

Good eye / hand coordination

Physical demands rating of moderate (Gold) A minimum OPAT score of Standing Long Jump (LJ) - 0120 cm, Seated Power Throw (PT) - 0350 cm, Strength Deadlift (SD) - 0120 lbs., and Interval Aerobic Run (IR) - 0036 shuttles in Physical Demand Category in "Moderate" (Gold)

Meet the Time in Service Remaining Requirements at beginning of training in accordance with: 
AR 614-200 (Active Duty Applicants
AR 135-200 (Reserve Component Applicants)

Application Process

1.  Contact your Career Counselor to check eligibility and for additional information if required
2.  Contact Education Center to Schedule taking the BMST and DLIELC Tests
3.  Provide required documentation to your Career Counselor 
4.  Career Counselor will review documents for completeness and submit to HRC using RETAIN System
5.  HRC will process application -- please have Career Counselor follow up after submission to ensure other documents are not required.
6.  If accepted, HRC will generate student reservation in ATRRS