Military Construction & Combat

No. 162 Galveston District during the Spanish-American War
No. 161 Twenty Years of Operations in Iraq
No. 138 Victory over Japan Day - 75th Anniversary
No. 136 Victory in Europe Day - 75th Anniversary
No. 135 Remagen Bridgehead in WWII - 75th Anniversary
No. 134 Apollo Mission - 50th Anniversary
No. 133 D-Day Invasion and Army Engineers
No. 132 Pearl Harbor's Effect on Sacramento District
No. 131 An Army Engineer on Armistice Day 1918
No. 130 Alaska Highway during World War II
No. 129 America Enters the Great War
No. 128  Pearl Harbor
No. 127  British Bombard Fort McHenry during the War of 1812
No. 123  Israeli Airbases 
No. 121 Corps Construction in Sub-Saharan Africa 
No. 118 Future Chief of Engineers at Japanese Surrender 
No. 117 J.P. Martin, Revolutionary War NCO 
No. 116 Engineers in Russia 
No. 113 The Corps of Engineers organizational structure was used to hide the development of the atomic bomb in World War II 
No. 112 African-American Engineer Troops Contributed Significantly to the Allied Victory in World War II 
No. 109 Mel Brooks Was a Combat Engineer in World War II 
No. 105 Engineers Played an Important Role in Europe During the Cold War 
No. 102 U.S. Army Engineers Helped Assure Victory at the Battle of Yorktown in 1781 
No. 099 A World War II Officer's Sketches Depict Life in a Black Engineer Unit 
No. 098 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Shaped the Combat Environment during the Korean War 
No. 097 A Baseball Legend Served with Distinction as a Combat Engineer in World War II 
No. 087 Congress Established the Position of Engineer Sergeant Major 
No. 086 Army Engineers Made Key Contributions During the Normandy Landing and Beyond in June 1944 
No. 083 The Saudi Government Honored a Corps Project on Currency and Postage Stamps 
No. 079 The Oldest U.S. Army Officer to Serve in World War II Was an Engineer 
No. 078 Two Chiefs of Engineers were Medal of Honor Recipients 
No. 074 Army Engineers Oversaw Military Reconstruction in Post-WWII Occupied Japan 
No. 069 In Response to World Events (1941-61), Tulsa District Exemplified Flexibility 
No. 068 Under the Threat of War, the Baltimore District Mobilized its Civil Works Organization to Defend the Homeland 
No. 067 Army Engineers Reopened a Key Italian Port in Support of the Allied Advance During World War II 
No. 065 About the Corps’ Middle East Division’s Extensive Construction Program in Saudi Arabia 
No. 064 Engineer Construction in the Persian Gulf Provided a Key Lifeline During World War II 
No. 063 World War I Corps of Engineers Special Watch to Keep Accurate Time 
No. 062 How Army Engineers Cleared Viet Cong Tunnels 
No. 061 A Small-Scale Amphibious Operation Helped Save the Day for the Continental Army 
No. 057 Army Engineers Were a Critical Part of the Greatest Invasion that Never Was 
No. 056 After World War II, the Corps Formed a New District to Rebuild Greek Infrastructure 
No. 054 The Corps Helped Control Helicopter-Generated Dust during the Vietnam War 
No. 053 The "Hero of Little Round Top," Gouverneur K. Warren, CE 
No. 050 The Corps of Engineers Built NASA Facilities 
No. 046 Women Played Key Roles in the Manhattan Project 
No. 045 An Engineer Helped Save New York City from British Attack during the War of 1812 
No. 043 How the Corps Helped Reconstruct Kuwait Following the Persian Gulf War 
No. 042 The Corps Helped Kuwait Recover from Iraqi Occupation 
No. 041 The Role of Army Engineers during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm 
No. 034 Under the Pressure of War, the Corps Built the Pentagon in 16 Months
No. 032 The Corps Built the Launch Sites for Atlas ICBM 
No. 030 Congress Rewarded a Revolutionary War Engineer for His Role in Taking Stony Point in July 1779 
No. 027 An Engineer Rescued 10 Warships Trapped behind Enemy Lines During the Civil War 
No. 025 Asian-Pacific American Engineer Hero 
No. 023 An Engineer General was Instrumental in Grant's Success 
No. 018 The Corps of Engineers Built ICBM Silos
No. 017 The 2d Engineer Combat Bn Paid Heavy Price for being Rear Guard at Kunu-Ri 
No. 016 Women's Contributions to the Corps of Engineers During World War II 
No. 010 A Revolutionary War Sapper Founded Cleveland, Ohio 
No. 008 An Engineer Officer Helped Plan the Inchon Invasion 
No. 002 The Engineers fought and lived through day of infamy 
No. 001 How the Military Construction Mission Began for the Corps of Engineers