OMB M 19-15 is in effect

Information Quality Act Overview

This site was created to serve as the home for the Information Quality Guidelines during interim guideline development and implementation. We encourage you to check back to learn more about future USACE efforts associated with the Information Quality Guidelines Web site. See below for USACE Information Quality Guidelines.

Correction Request Process
The Information Quality Act creates a mechanism that enables the public to seek and obtain, where appropriate, correction of information disseminated by USACE that does not comply with OMB or DoD Information Quality Guidelines.
Submit a Request for Correction (RFC)
Submit a Request for Appeal (RFA)

Notice of Use
USACE policy is that Requests for Correction (RFC) and Requests for Appeal (RFA) will be made available for public viewing on the Internet. Any personal information you choose to include in your request may be publicly disclosed on the Internet or otherwise as required by law.

Contact Us

You may submit a RFC or a RFA via any one of the methods listed here and should include all the information as described above:

E-MAIL: As a single file or with an attachment to:
MAIL: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USACE Information Quality Act
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