Army Nuclear Power Program - MH-1A Sturgis


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binnacle from the Sturgis ship's compass from the Sturgis ship's bell from the Sturgis
The binnacle from the MH-1A Sturgis, which is standard equipment used to protect the ship’s magnetic compass and other navigational instruments. Though the Sturgis was an unpowered barge, the binnacle and compass were left on board after its conversion. Magnetic compass from the MH-1A Sturgis. The ship’s bell from the MH-1A Sturgis was removed and preserved when the vessel was decommissioned in 1976.
protective shoe covers ship's model aerial view of ship docked in canal
Strict safety procedures are enforced when working with a nuclear reactor. Shoe covers like these recovered from the MH-1A Sturgis were standard protective equipment at Army power plants. A cutaway model accurately representing the internal structure of the MH-1A Sturgis, once used to train the Army Engineer crew members. Sturgis docked in Gatun Lake, Panama, providing nuclear power to the Canal Zone.


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