Army Nuclear Power Program - Experimental Reactors


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nuclear reactor in field with sign rack of fuel rods aerial of nuclear complex on coast
The SL-1 boiling water reactor building, tank, and sign in the foreground, ca. 1960. Image courtesy of the Dept. of Energy Storage vault for reactor fuel rods at
SM-1A, Fort Greely, Alaska
An undated image of the PM-3A reactor at McMurdo Station, Antarctica
facilities buried in snow banks plaque schematic drawing of nuclear facilitiy
Snow drifts against Jamesways structures in ‘D’ row, Camp Century, Greenland, where the PM-2A reactor supplied power in 1960-1961 The PM-2A nuclear reactor at Camp Century, Greenland, was a temporary facility. After three years the Army shut it down, dismantled it, and removed it from the station. This plaque commemorates its service and staff. A cutaway drawing shows the location of the components of the PM-2A reactor at Camp Century, Greenland



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