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Helping Communities

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers assists a community's Brownfields and other livability efforts through its Civil Works and Support for Others authorities.  The majority of Civil Works authorities  -- with the exception of small projects that come under the Corps' Continuing Authorities Program (CAP) -- require special Congressional authorization and appropriation, while the Support for Others program allows the Corps to work for other agencies on a reimbursable basis.

Continuing Authorities Program
Congress has delegated to the Corps the general authority to study and, if proven feasible, approve and construct certain water resources development projects. The Continuing Authorities Program involves small water resource development projects and allows the Corps to respond quickly to community needs.  The links below give more information on the Corps' Congressional authorities and how they can help your community: the U.S. Army Engineer District in Mobile, Alabama, offers an On-Line Customer Guide that contains brief descriptions of the authorities, how-to information for initiating a project, and provides sample letters to request Corps assistance (simply substitute the appropriate names and addresses for your district).

Support for Others
The Support for Others program allows the Corps to provide reimbursable technical services to other federal agencies as well as to states, local municipalities, international governments, and Native American Tribes. The program provides services to federal, state, and local agencies that do not have the technical engineering expertise.  The U.S. Army Engineer District in Jacksonville, Florida, maintains an Interagency and International Services page that contains an overview of its Support for Others activities, while the Corps Headquarters Web site contains more detailed information about Interagency and International Support.