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The Critical Public Facilities Mission

Critical Public HousingMission Overview

Provide critical public facilities such as government office space, police stations, fire stations, medical clinics, and school classrooms; units may be modular, interior office space constructed within a large warehouse type building, pre-engineered steel buildings, or large soft sided structures.


FEMA’s Intent when Providing CPF

  1. Provide office space for affected State and Local governments.
  2. Provide classroom space for affected public school districts.

Options for CPF

  • Temporary office/classroom complex
  • Possible rehabilitation of existing office/classroom space

Minimum State Requirements

  • Site identification
  • Leasing and right-of-ways
  • Assistance with codes/permits
  • Site management
  • Deactivation/site restoration

USACE Mission Capabilities

  • Technical Assistance to FEMA Planning Teams to determine critical public facilities need
  • Identification and recommendations on potential sites
  • Site layouts for critical public facilities under FEMA’s Public Assistance Program
  • Procurement of modular units for critical public facilities

Mission Considerations

  • Utility locations, specifically sewer and water availability
  • Thorough environmental analysis prior to construction
  • Avoid or mitigate wetlands and culturally sensitive areas.
  • Construction within the floodplain is prohibited in nearly all situations.
  • Considered and coordinate with local agencies regarding local codes

Mission Contracting

  • Advanced Contracting Initiative (ACI) Contract:  NO
  • Other Contracting methods: Coordinate with local District; past methods include existing local Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts, special emergency contracting, Base Development Contracts and procuring units as Commercial Items

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