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The Infrastructure Assessment Mission

Infrastructure Assessment MissionMission Overview

Augment local public works Applied Technology Council‐20 (ATC‐20) post‐earthquake (or ATC‐45 post‐flood) rapid structural assessment capabilities (primarily residential) following a disaster; and/or to provide a management cell for the full range of technical assistance missions that are not covered by other PRTs.  Sources of technical expertise include local volunteers, professional organizations, other states through EMAC, local hire/contract hire, USACE employees, and other federal agencies.  Mission success requires interagency collaboration (FEMA/USACE/EPA/State/local) during all phases of emergency management (planning, response, recovery, long-term recovery).

USACE Mission Capabilities

  • Provide ATC‐20/45 “Just in Time” training for qualified personnel to conduct field assessments
  • Provide assessment of structures that warrant more detailed evaluations for special emergency usage (e.g. hospitals to ensure mass care or school auditoriums that might be used for temporary housing)
  • Provide a management cell for a broad range of technical assistance and other operations to include electrical, mechanical, geotechnical, environmental, and structural engineers applications, and search and rescue support.
  • In coordination with EPA, provide federal support to the water sector. Support can include:
    • Deploying water sector technical specialists to assist with pre/post event‐specific planning and preparation for the rapid evaluation of water and wastewater facilities, treatment units, conveyance
    • Providing liaison to local, county, and state agencies as well as provide regular water sector situation update

    • Providing technical expertise directly to impacted states and facilities as well as equipment, materials, and construction assistance to include but not limited to mobile laboratory capability

Mission Contracting

Advanced Contracting Initiative (ACI) Contract:  NO