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  • Folsom Dam Auxiliary Spillway recognized as Outstanding Water Project

    The American Society of Civil Engineers California Region recognized the Folsom Dam auxiliary spillway project as the state’s Outstanding Water Project for 2016 at an awards ceremony held in Los Angeles last month. The honor specifically highlights construction of the auxiliary spillway’s control structure. The structure, basically a second dam, will complement the functions of Folsom’s existing dam by allowing water to be released earlier and more safely from the reservoir during a high water event.
  • J Talkers speak up

    J Talkers have been meeting at least twice a month to become better communicators and leaders in order to achieve personal and professional goals as unique as their backgrounds.
  • Corps awards $10 million contract for roof repairs at Hill AFB

    $10 million small business contract awarded March 14 to Doyon Project Services LLC.
  • Employee Spotlight: Patricia Fontanet

    Please introduce yourself:My name, Patricia, is actually pronounced in Spanish (pah-tree-see-ah). I
  • A Designing Mom

    April Ratcliff lives a triple life as a mom, college student and Sacramento District interior design technician, but that doesn’t stop her from achieving her goals. Read her story about “always growing and moving forward.”
  • Corps awards contract to build temporary boat launch during Isabella Dam construction

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District awarded a $5.7 million contract Dec. 23 to Spectrum-Straub JV of Sacramento to construct a temporary boat launch and parking at French Gulch Recreation Area as part of the Isabella Lake Dam Safety Modification Project.
  • Custodians of disaster relief

    Thanks to a cadre of Corps custodians who prepare year-round, Deployable Tactical Operations System (DTOS) teams are ready to provide their expertise and mobile command centers to quickly respond following hurricanes and other disasters.
  • Traffic light removal near Folsom Dam spillway project to begin Dec. 5

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District and its contractor Kiewit Infrastructure will remove a traffic light on Folsom Lake Crossing, located midway between the main and auxiliary dams near the Folsom Dam auxiliary spillway project.
  • Formula for winter reservoir management more complicated than it appears

    With the rainy season upon us, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District is buckling down to ensure the Central Valley’s reservoirs are ready for whatever the season may or may not bring. While water management is a year-round responsibility, the winter months bring with them especially tough challenges for the Corps in maintaining the delicate balance of flood risk reduction and water supply.
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to host career fair Oct. 28 to fill more than 200 jobs.

    With more than 200 job vacancies, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District will host a job fair in downtown Sacramento October 28 to share and discuss career opportunities and help prospective applicants navigate the application process.