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Information to Provide

1. Full Name of Applicant/Requestor: 
2. Request Type (SIV/P2):
3. Contract Number:  
4. Prime Contractor under which Applicant/Requester performed work (this is not the U.S. Government):  
5. Estimated Dates of Employment: 
6. Job Title: 
7. Job Location: 
8. U.S. Points of Contact on the Contract (including U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employees with whom you worked closely):

9. Additional information -  provide and any additional information that you believe may be helpful to verify your employment:

If the Government is able to verify the above information, you will also be required to provide additional information which may include:

1. Pay stub copy from the contractor with whom you were employed. 
2. An employment letter signed by the contractor for whom you were an employee.
3. Photos of badges or access passes.