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Headquarters, and USACE Divisions, Districts and some Centers are migrating their main public websites to the American Forces Public Information Management System (AFPIMS) by the end of 2012 in order to create a consistent look and feel, streamline the content management process, and deliver a rich end-user experience. AFPIMS is a content management system run by the Defense Media Agency (DMA). DMA currently manages the website platforms for the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. 

QUESTION: What is the purpose of going through the web migration and overhaul?

ANSWER:  We are always seeking ways to improve the way we communicate with stakeholders.  We recognize our public website is our number one communication tool.  Therefore, to increase transparency and deliver fast, easily accessible content, it was necessary to overhaul our public web presence.

QUESTION: What do you hope to accomplish with the new look and feel?

ANSWER: With a consistent navigation scheme, content placement and use of web templates, we hope to deliver a rich end-user experience with fast delivery and consistent presentation of content.

QUESTION: Are all USACE sites going to have the same look and feel?

ANSWER:  Yes, to optimize the end-user experience and access to information, all migrating USACE public websites will have the same look and feel. 

QUESTION: How much is the project costing the taxpayer?

ANSWER:  Total cost of the migration is $583,627 or approximately $10,062 per site.  This cost includes training specialists, migration specialists, help desk availability, senior level programmers, and transition and maintenance of 58 websites through FY11-12. 

QUESTION: Is there a cost savings?

ANSWER: Yes, USACE anticipates a cost savings through the consolidation of hardware, software and manpower.

QUESTION: Are the URLs changing?

ANSWER:  Some URLs may change due to different URL structures and technical necessities between our current systems and the new content management system (American Forces Public Information Management System (AFPIMS)). For example:

http://www.usace.army.mil/about/Pages/HQ.aspx would become http://www.usace.army.mil/about/hq

QUESTION: Will my bookmarks continue to work?

ANSWER:  Bookmarks to URLs that are changed will not work.  End users will need to save the new URLs as bookmarks.

QUESTION: Who is operating and maintaining your site?

ANSWER:  The Defense Media Activity is responsible for the overall operations and maintenance of the hardware and software associated with the system. 

QUESTION: Do you anticipate any changes or improvements in the future?

ANSWER:  Yes. We strive for continued improvement to our public web presence to ensure quick access to and delivery of information.

QUESTION: To whom should I submit feedback, questions and/or concerns?

ANSWER:  Please submit question, feedback or concerns regarding the Headquarters public website to hq-publicaffairs@usace.army.mil