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Request for Correction (RFC)

To submit a request for correction, notify us how USACE disseminated information does not comply with the OMB or DoD Information Quality Guidelines.

If you would like to submit a request for correction, your request should include the following information:

  • Contact name, organization, and contact information (phone number and at least one of the following: e-mail, physical address or fax number).
  • Description of the information you believe does not comply with the Office of Management and Budget or DoD Information Quality Guidelines, including specific citations to the information and to the guidelines, if applicable.
  • Explanation of how the information does not comply with the Information Quality Guidelines.
  • Recommendation for corrective action.
  • Explanation of how the alleged error affects or how a correction would benefit you.

Request for Appeal (RFA)

The Information Quality Guidelines create a mechanism that enables the public to seek a request for reconsideration if they disagree with a USACE decision regarding their initial Request for Correction. Please note, that in order to submit a Request for Appeal you should have already submitted a Request for Correction to USACE and received a response to that request.

If you would like to submit an appeal, your request should include the following information:

An indication that the person is seeking an appeal of a USACE decision on a previously submitted request for a correction of information, including the date of the original submission and date of USACE decision. A copy of USACE's original decision would help expedite the process.

Name and contact information. Organizations submitting a RFA should identify an individual as a contact.

An explanation of why the person disagrees with the USACE decision and a specific recommendation for corrective action.

A copy of the original RFC of information or the original RFC number.

A RFA must be submitted within 30 working days of the USACE decision on your initial RFC. If the RFA is sent after that time, include an explanation of why the request should be considered at this time.