Information for companies selling IT products/services or Innovative Solutions

IT Companies:

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Information Technology (IT) hardware and Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software purchases are made through the Army Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) program. When procuring IT Services under CHESS, consideration must be given to setting aside requirements for small businesses and other small business categories.  All Army personnel are required to utilize CHESS for all COTS Purchases.
    • UPDATE 15 SEP 2023:  CHESS is no longer mandatory for all cloud services, software development, and continuous software evolution service-type contracts.  Read the CIO memo here.  If you sell these services, and review any of the districts/centers forecast and missions determine there may be a fit, please contact the Small Business Professional (SBP) to market your services. List of SBP office contacts and top NAICS here.
  • USACE Enterprise-wide IT related services are contracted and administered as a large overarching IT service contract, executed through GSA FEDSIM  Industry can learn more about the program and engagement for potential opportunities through the "Industry" menu.  All smaller IT-related contracts not included in the large service contract is executed through USACE, Humphrey's Engineer Center Support Activity (HECSA) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters > HECSA > HECSA Small Business

While IT is not a main area of procurements to support our mission, you can also:

  • Review the top 5 NAICS for each district/center for the past 2 fiscal years and identify any potential opportunities with districts that include an IT related NAICS. Top NAICS for districts FY23
  • Review the enterprise wide contract forecast for IT-related supplies/services that may be planned outside of the above methods: Enterprise Acquisition Forecast


Still have questions on USACE IT requirements or how to determine other agencies that may be a better fit for your IT related services/products?

Remember, in addition to your district/center Small Business Professional, your state's Apex Accelerator (Formerly PTAC) is a GREAT resource and partner to help you understand your best Federal customers for IT services/products- find your state's Apex Accelerator at Apex Accelerators



Companies with Innovative Solutions

Please research and explore opportunities through Broad Agency Announcements and other avenues for innovative solutions (products/services) that support the USACE mission.  A few recommendations are as follows: