Be the Soldier who provides the Power
- Earn 46 college engineering credits
- Provide power expertise to the 
      military and government agencies
- Real world missions supporting
     communities impacted by natural disasters

Talk to your recruiter or Unit Army Career Counselor about 
becoming a 12P

Are You Primed to Power the Army

Who Can Apply


  • Any Private First Class to Sergeant (Does not need to be in their re-enlistment window) with a GT score of 110, TECH and ELEC scores of 107
  • Must have completed high school level Algebra or above
  • Must be able to pass the Basic Math and Science Test

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Why 12P

Prime Power School Provides:

  • 46 College Credits (Engineering)
  • An Additional Skills Identifier
  • An Industry Certification (NETA Level 1)

You Will:

  • Provide power expertise to the military and government agencies
  • Provide utility grade power generation to strategic sites

Participate in Real World Missions:

  • Disaster response support to FEMA
  • Contingency support
  • Electrical expertise to power projection platforms

Who to Contact

Unit Army Career Counselor

Prime Power School Training Technician
(573) 596-0303



About 12P - Power Production Specialists

Prime Power Personnel (12P) are Installers, Operators, and Maintainers of utility grade medium voltage power systems but, because of their vast electrical knowledge, their expertise is sought for so much more. 12P's operate power plants for large base camps for contingency operations, and for missile defense radar systems. 249th Engineer Battalion personnel support the National Response Framework during natural and manmade disasters to support USACE and FEMA with electrical load assessments of critical facilities for installation of emergency generators. 12P expertise have been requested to perform electrical safety inspection for Task Force Safety Actions for Fires and Electricity, and Task Force Protect Our Warfighters and Electrical Resources, and perform contract oversight of power plant service contracts. On occasions by request they support local Department of Public Works and Government facilities with electrical testing on electrical switchgear and transformers for routine maintenance.