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WHY STEM? In order to increase college and career readiness and student interest in STEM, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Defense Education Activity established a partnership in May 2013. This partnership leverages the strengths of both organizations to advance STEM education in communities where DoDEA schools and USACE activities are co-located. This program is different from other programs because it is embedded in the classroom and tied to the curriculum. Conceptual understanding is built in and the program provides face-to-face, hands-on, and long-term interaction with teachers and students.
Graphic of Civil Engineer
I am a Civil Engineer
I fell into civil engineering because I like math and science. It wasn't something I selected initially, but it came organically...
Graphic of Physicist
I am a Physicist
I think everyone wants to do things that have purpose and will outlast them. I don't see any other purpose for science than to advance technology in order to improve the lives of people.
I am a Landscape Architect
Landscape architects are in a multi-disciplinary field. I get to bring in my ecology and environmental backgrounds when working on most of my projects.
Biologist graphic
I am a Biologist
I don't mind getting a little mud on my shoes. In fact, it's part of my job as a biologist in the San Francisco District.

Program Highlights

The Partnership:

USACE and the Department of Defense Dependents Activity (DoDEA) have established a one-of-a-kind partnership for the purpose of leveraging the strengths of both organizations to advance STEM education in communities where DoDEA and USACE activities are co-located. Creating local partnerships sets forth a more strategic approach for connecting DoDEA students and teachers with real-world STEM applications related to specific civil works projects or other USACE functions within the community. Each site will have the freedom to set priorities, choose partners and select activities that represent the best fit between USACE and DoDEA. This facilitates a more strategic, personalized approach.


1.  Connect and leverage USACE STEM professionals to establish a focused and sustainable long-term STEM partnership in communities where DoDEA and USACE activities are co-located.  
Increase student awareness and interest in STEM curricular and co-curricular activities and careers.
Increase awareness of the need for more STEM focused professionals to address USACE missions and the Nation’s needs in the future.