Capacity Development Business Practice

Business Practice
The Commanding General approved the formation of the Capacity Development business practice in 2008.  The practice resides within the Headquarters Directorate of Military Programs, Interagency and International Services (IIS) and is led by the National Program Manager for Capacity Development.

The business practice provides a central structure and approach for planning and implementing Capacity Development.  The practice is implemented by Corps personnel at HQUSACE, Major Subordinate Commands (Divisions, Districts, Centers, and Laboratories), and Field Force Engineer teams.

Sub-Community of Practice (CoP)
The Capacity Development Sub-CoP, which functions within the IIS CoP, was established in 2008 and has helped shape the business practice.  The Sub-CoP is led by the National Program Manager for Capacity Development at HQUSACE. 

Capacity Development activities range from very simple to highly complex, so a consistent, yet flexible framework is necessary for the Corps to support a range of activities and operating environments.  

The Corps developed a three-level framework for Capacity Development that includes:

1.    Enabling Environment (strategic level)

2.    Organizational (operational level)

3.    Individual (tactical level)

This framework is consistent with frameworks developed by numerous governments and international organizations around the world.

Several Capacity Development activities may be necessary for a program or project and may involve multiple stakeholders at different levels.  Capacity Development activities within these levels are dependent, rather than independent, operating as a system.  The likelihood of program or project success is increased when the
necessary integration occurs across all three levels.

Additional information on the Corps Capacity Development framework is available in the USACE Capacity Development Framework Summary.

Five-Step Planning and Implementation Process

The Corps has developed a five-step process which is designed to help Corps personnel plan and implement

The steps include:

1.    Determine Capacity Development Applicability

2.    Requirements Development and Design

3.    Implementation

4.    Assessments

5.    Feedback and Lessons Learned

This process has sufficient flexibility to accommodate on-the-ground conditions and changing environments.  Further explanation of each step is provided in the USACE Capacity Development Process Summary Sheet.