Field Force Engineering Teams

Forward Engineer Support Team – Main (FEST-M): The team averages 38 military and USACE civilian specialists. They execute large contracts or special engineer support programs and can serve as a USACE headquarters during large scale contingencies.   

Forward Engineer Support Team – Advance (FEST-A):  A nine-member team of various engineering specialties. They provide engineering planning/design support and limited infrastructure assessment.

Contingency Real Estate Support Team (CREST): A four-person team of USACE specialists. They assist in the acquisition, management and disposal of real estate on behalf of the U.S. Government through the authorities granted by the Secretary of the Army to the Chief of Engineers during contingencies. 

Environmental Support Team (EnvST): A four-person team of USACE environmental engineers and specialists. They implement the Army’s strategy for the environment and can act as the inspection and enforcement arm of the military commander.   

Logistics Support Team (LST): A four-person team of USACE logistical specialists. They provide logistics support for FFE to include reception of deploying Corps personnel, arrangement for transportation and lodging, and provision of supplies for USACE operations. 

Base-camp Development Teams (BDT): A 10 to 12 person nondeployable reachback team of Corps specialists. They provide installation level planning and facilities design expertise for intermediate staging bases, base camps, forward operating bases, and displaced personnel camps. They also work on various technical engineering requests for information that come in for contingencies, disasters, training and exercises.