Sample Statement of Work for Medical & Support Personnel

 Task Order XXX


Medical and Support Personnel


Statement of Work




The Contractor shall provide experienced medical and support personnel to provide round the clock medical service at a quarantine facility between 03/14/20 and 04/04/20.




  1. The Contractor shall provide contracted medical staff to support the alternative care facility at Fairfield Inn.  There will be three (3) teams covering three (3) eight hour shift. Nine (9) personnel per shift for a total of twenty seven (27) personnel.

The composition of the each of the teams (X 3) will be as follows: 1 Physician (emergency med or internal meds),1 Mid Level (PA/NP), 2 Nurses, 2 Paramedics, 1 Safety Officer (withinfection control training), 2 Logistics


  1. All contract personnel must be on site no later than March 14, 2020 and be ready to begin operations at 08:00 pacific coast time. The contractor should arrange for three shifts of eight (8) hours each and they shall be organized based on contractor preference and arranged in such a manner as to reduce the stress on providers and allow for the safest possible situation for everyone.


  1. This is an assisted living facility that has a high volume of patients that have tested positive for the COVID19 so all safety and infection control procedures must be met. Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) N95 mask and nitro gloves, and all other precautions should be worn at this time. All PPE should meet CDC guidance.


  1. The Contractor shall provide all personnel and equipment.


  1. Contractor shall provision its own transportation, housing, per diem and wrap around services, per industry standards, for mission requirements and for personnel support.


  1. The address of the location is: XXX


  1. Contractor must be able to communicate with the NDMS contingent during the operations that will be located in the HHS Secretary’s Operations Center.


  1. Contractor will report daily operational status to the COR and NDMS Emergency Management Group (NDMS EMG) that is inclusive of patient information (count, conditions, etc. (final reporting information will be provided)).


  1. POC is John Smith, IMTNAT Logs. Section Chief, 202-760-0000,



3.0 Period of Performance


  1. The period of performance is March 14, 2020 08:00 PDT through COB April 04, 2020 23:50 PDT