Alternate Care Sites Design and Construction Submittals

Design DeliverablesRequired submission date
Schedule - cost loadedNTP + 48 hours
Site plan showing all pods, suites and modular blocks (portable restrooms etc.).NTP + 48 hours
Life safety diagrams showing egress paths and distancesNTP + 72 hours
Details of a single patient pod and suite with all equipment shownNTP + 72 hours
Detail and elevations of a headwall with utility locationsNTP + 72 hours
Emergency power system one-line diagram with cable sizing, generator sizing etc.NTP + 72 hours
Isolation exhaust system schematic with duct sizes, flow rates and velocities.NTP + 72 hours
Utility chase configuration/sectionNTP + 72 hours
Plumbing plan/diagram showing modular restrooms, sanitary collection tanks, lift stations etc.NTP + 72 hours
Product Submittals 
1. GeneratorNTP + 96 hours
2. Automatic Transfer SwitchNTP + 96 hours
3. Isolation Exhaust AHU's with HEPA's.NTP + 96 hours