WRDA 2000 Implementation Guidance

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101a2   Port of New York and New Jersey, New York and New Jersey  
102b   Magpie Creek, Sacramento Co, CA  
106b   Salmon River, Idaho  
112   Petaluma River, Petaluma, CA  (Provision Only)  
201   Cooperation Agreements with Counties  
202   Watershed and River Basin Assessments Amends Section 729 of WRDA 1986
Section link not available
203   Tribal Partnership Program  
204   Ability to Pay Amends Section 103(m) of WRDA 1986
(33 U.S.C. 2213(m))
Section link not available
205   Property Protection Program  (Provision Only)  
206   National Recreation Reservation Service  (Provision Only)  
208   Reburial and Conveyance Authority  
209   Floodplain Management Requirements Amends Section 402(c) of WRDA 1986
(33 U.S.C. 701b-12(c))
Section link not available
210   Nonprofit Entities Amends Section 312 of WRDA 1990 (33 U.S.C. 1272); Section 602 of WRDA 1986
(100 Stat. 4148-4149); and Section 1135 of WRDA 1986 (33 U.S.C. 2309a)
Section links not available
211   Performance of Specialized or Technical Services  
212   Hydroelectric Power Project Funding  (Provision Only)  
213   Assistance Programs  (Provision Only)  
214   Funding to Process Permits  
215   Dredged Material Marketing and Recycling  (Provision Only)  
218   Maximum Program Expenditures for
  Small Flood Control Projects 
220   Beach Recreation  
221   Design-Build Contracting  
222   Enhanced Public Participation Amends Section 905 of WRDA 1986
(33 U.S.C. 2282)
Section link not available
223   Monitoring  (Provision Only)  
224   Fish and Wildlife Mitigation  (Provision Only)  
225   Feasibility Studies and Planning, Engineering, and Design Amends Section 105(a)(1)(E) of WRDA 1986
Section link not available
226   Administrative Costs of Land Conveyances  (Provision Only)  
301   Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Wildlife Mitigation Project,
  Alabama & Mississippi  (Provision Only)
302   Nogales Wash and Tributaries, Nogales, Arizona Further modifies Section 101(a)(4) of
WRDA 1990 (104 Stat. 4606), which was previously amended by Section 303 of WRDA 1996 (110 Stat. 3711).
Section links not available
303   Boydsville, Arkansas Amends Section 402 of WRDA 1999
(PL 106-53) Section link not available
305   Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel, California Amends Section 202(a) of WRDA 1986
(PL 99-662) Section link not available
306   Delaware River Main stem and Channel Deepening,
  Delaware, New York and Pennsylvania
Amends Section 101(6) of WRDA 1992
(P. L. 102-580), previously modified by Section 308 of WRDA 1999 (113 Stat. 300)
Section links not available
313   Upper Des Plaines River & Tributaries, Illinois Amends Section 419 of WRDA 1999
(P. L. 106-53) Section link not available
318   Poplar Island, Maryland Amends Section 537 of WRDA 1996
(P. L. 104-303), as amended
Section link not available
320   Breckenridge, Minnesota  
323   New Madrid County, Missouri  
324   Pemiscot County Harbor, Missouri  
327   Passaic River Basin Flood Management, New Jersey 
  (Provision Only)
332   John Day Pool, Oregon and Washington  
333   Fox Point Hurricane Barrier, Providence, Rhode Island Amends Section 352 of WRDA 1999
(P. L. 106-53)
Section link not available
335   San Antonio Channel, San Antonio, Texas Further modifies Section 203 of the
Flood Control Act of 1954 (68 Stat. 1259), which was previously modified by Section 103 of WRDA 1976 (90 Stat. 2921)
Section links not available
336   Buchanan & Dickenson Counties, Virginia Development Appropriation Act, 1981 (94 Stat. 1339), which was previously modified by Section 352 of WRDA 1996
(110 Stat. 3724-3725)
Section links not available
343   Great Lakes Dredging Levels Adjustment  (Provision Only)  
345   Waurika Lake, OK, Water Conveyance Facilities  (Provision Only)  
346   Deep Draft Harbor Cost Sharing  (Provision Only)  
348a   Thompson, Connecticut  
348b   Washington, District of Columbia  
348c   Joliet, Illinois   
348d   Ottawa, Illinois   
348e   Bayou Teche, Louisiana   
348f   Ontonagon, Michigan  
348g   Pike County, Missouri   
348h   St. Clair and Benton Counties, Michigan   
348i   Candy Lake Project, Osage County, Oklahoma Section 563(c)(1)(B) of WRDA 1999
(113 Stat. 357) Section link not available
348j   Manor Township, Pennsylvania  
348k   Richard B. Russell Dam & Lake, South Carolina Section 563(i) of WRDA 1999
(113 Stat. 360-361)
Section link not available
348l   Savannah, South Carolina  
348m   Tri-Cities Area, Washington Section 501(i) of WRDA 1996
(110 Stat. 3752-3753)
Section link not available
402   Lower Mississippi River Resource Assessment  
403   Upper Miss River Basin Sediment & Nutrient Study  
432   Lake Pontchartrain Seawall, Louisiana  (Provision Only)  
455   Chickamauga Lock and Dam, Tennessee  
456   Germantown, Tennessee  
506   Great Lakes Fishery and Ecosystem Restoration  
507   New England Water Resources and Ecosystem Restoration
  (Provision Only)
509   CALFED Bay-Delta Program Assistance, California  
516   Lake Sidney Lanier, Georgia, Home Preservation  
517   Ballard's Island, La Salle County, Illinois  
519   Illinois River Basin Restoration  
520   Koontz Lake, Indiana  
522   Muddy River, Brookline and Boston, Massachusetts  
524   Minnesota Dam Safety  
527   Minneapolis, Minnesota  
528   Coastal Mississippi Wetlands Restoration Projects  
532   Upper Mohawk River Basin, New York  (Provision Only)  
533   Flood Damage Reduction  (Provision Only)  
535   Crowder Point, Crowder, Oklahoma  
536   Lower Columbia River and Tillamook Bay Ecosystem
  Restoration, Oregon & Washington
538   Upper Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania & New York
  (Provision Only)
539   Charleston Harbor, South Carolina  
540   Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, and SD
  Terrestrial Wildlife Habitat Restoration  (Provision Only)
542   Lake Champlain Watershed, Vermont and New York
  (Provision Only)
543   Vermont Dams Remediation, Vermont  
544   Puget Sound and Adjacent Waters Restoration, Washington  
546   Wynoochee Lake, Wynoochie River, Washington Amends Section 203 of WRDA 1990
Section link not available
547   Bluestone, West Virginia  (Provision Only)  
548   Lesage/Greenbottom Swamp, West Virginia  (Provision Only)  
551   Hydrographic Survey  (Provision Only)  
  Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP)
  Relationship of WRDA '99 to CERP
  Specific Project Assurances Savings Clause
  Dispute Resolution Process
  Real Estate Credits
701-707   Missouri River Restoration, North Dakota  
702   Findings and Purposes  (Provision Only)  
705   Missouri River Task Force  (Provision Only)  
801-810   Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge Enhancement  
901-907   Missouri River Restoration, South Dakota  
903   Definitions (Provision Only)  
905   Missouri River Task force  (Provision Only)